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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  28/07/2018
9 8 8 Classifieds BUY IT SELL IT FIND IT thrill dining From the of driving to the art of The A – Z of products and services Photo: iStock SPH Content Lab What is art? There are many different forms of art from the fine arts and visual arts to performance and liberal arts. Our most common association with art is through paintings in
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Picture The Straits Times  (LIFE)  09/10/2018
rise. Internationally, too, boundaries are being pushed in the art world, blurring the line between art and technology and, once again, raising the question of what is art. GROWING SUPPORT GLOBALLY One particular piece that has garnered global attention recently is the Portrait Of Edmond Belamy. While the portrait of a portly gentleman
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Picture The Straits Times  (OPINION)  23/01/2019
something important to keep in mind, as not all the new art that we see will have a place in art history in time to come. Why then is it important to understand art, and what is art's relationship to society? The simple answer is that artists offer a different perspective on our world and the times in which we live. Art has the ability to alter
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Picture The Business Times  (LIFE & CULTURE)  22/12/2018
Art History Museum, which is holding what's billed as the definitive Peter Bruegel the Elder show. Crowds were so thick before some paintings – and so many hands rose above them as people photographed the art and took selfies with it – that I gave up on trying to get a good look. What's up with this? Is art suddenly more fashionable than it
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Picture The Business Times  (WEEKEND ENTERTAINMENT)  22/02/2019
comically demurs: "it's not the art." it's a joke that may offend some art lovers. But which art lover hasn't stepped into a show where she isn't entirely sure if what she's looking at is art? even more potentially offensive is the way Velvet Buzzsaw deploys art galleries and room-size installations as the sites for the bizarre deaths of several characters
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Picture The Straits Times  (INSIGHT)  10/03/2019
the "Descent" ramp for beauty and for the maximum potential of pleasurable wheeled movement. The resulting set re-conceptualises our understanding of what ramps can be; this ramp is art. As Rosemarie Garland-Thomson puts it, the ramp is "aesthetically non-compliant" with the ADA. The creaking plywood of the ramp and skidding sounds
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Picture CLEO  (E FEATURE)  01/2/2018
to get a "Say No to..." Facebook page. Did that make you feel like you were doing something right? H: I wouldn't say that. I like to call what we do "noise". And noise is important. Noise is art – it disrupts ignorance. You know them for their music video parodies like "Minahconda" and "Minah Funk". After a decade of shenanigans, comedy
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Picture The Straits Times  (LIFE PEOPLE)  06/08/2018
John Lui Many Singaporeans have heard of the Great Barrier Reef, but few may know about The Coral Triangle, which is much closer to home. It is one of the richest areas of marine life in the world, comprising the waters around the Philippines, East Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New
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Article 梦见了画,画下了梦
By: 阿果,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (四方八面)  14/11/2018
三读空间 阿果 这世界不是一味都是美好,也不是全然都是狰狞,但在美好与狰狞之间,我宁愿发扬前者,这不是在逃避现实,而是在择善固执。 那天黄昏散步,偶然邂逅一对爷孙买了东西走回家。小孙女两三岁,在爷爷的怀里开心地张口高唱儿歌,还边唱边舞动小手,格外认真,分外投入,旁人经过她也毫不在意。那是她和爷爷的小天地,儿歌是唱给爷爷听的,旁人与她根本毫无干系。她开心所以她唱歌,她唱歌所以爷爷也开心。那个画面在我脑海留下印记,幸福欢愉是会感染的,小娃娃感染了我,于是就决定也把这幸福欢愉画下来,感染更多人。
  总有人好奇,创作上我是先有图还是先有文。实话说也真的不一定,只不过我比较偏向于先完画,再配文字。文字   (144 words)
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Picture The Straits Times  (SPORT)  09/10/2018
| TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2018 | THE STRAITS TIMES | C7 Rohit Brijnath Assistant Sports Editor Boxing is a hard science and mixed martial arts is crude thuggery. In the ring there are occasional ear-nibblers, in the cage it's a sanctioned street fight. One is art within rules, the other's a bar
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