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Picture The New Paper  (NEWS)  09/04/2018
the smartphone an effective distraction. It captivates their children's attention and keeps them quiet. "(But) parents are generally pressed for time and tired, so they don't have the energy to guide their children." Dr Jiow, a 45-year-old father of four children, aged 14, 12, nine and six, has done research on children's media habits.
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Picture The Business Times  (WEEKEND FEATURE)  09/12/2017
2017 PRODUCTS 03 1514 09 - 10 DECEMBER FEATUREFEATURE W. ATELIER While stores close or downsize, W. Atelier scales up with two showrooms – a new three-storey site at Henderson, and its revamped Bukit Timah store. No longer just the distributor of TOTO sanitary ware, the showrooms are
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Picture The Straits Times  (FORUM)  12/01/2018
A24 | THE STRAITS TIMES | FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018 | It is certainly a good move to list the new offences that come under the ambit of Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act, but some changes mooted in the latest Bill are disconcerting (Detention without trial: Offences to be listed; Jan 10).
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Picture The Straits Times  (OPINION)  06/08/2018
trace. Every action performed on a smartphone, whether tapping a Web link, "liking" a photo on social media or entering a phrase in a search engine, produces information that can be tracked. Even real-world routines like riding the bus or buying groceries generate data about an individual's lifestyle and habits. Then there is the growing number
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Picture The Straits Times  (LIFE MOTORING)  23/02/2019
WASHINGTON • California has become the seventh state to ban auto insurers from using gender as one of the factors that they can use to calculate the rates customers pay. But as regulators push the industry towards formulas that have more to do with how a car is driven than by whom, the
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Picture The Straits Times  (LIFE)  04/11/2017
REVIEW / CONCERT A NIGHT AT THE OPERA Diana Damrau (soprano), Nicolas Teste (bass-baritone), Singapore Symphony Orchestra/Pavel Baleff Esplanade Concert Hall/Wednesday Marc Rochester This was a gala concert aimed at opera lovers and they certainly got their money's worth. But if, by some
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Picture The Straits Times  (INSIGHT)  11/02/2018
Fabian Koh The Singapore Government has long been on social media but appears to be only now waking up to the potential influence of influencers. Last week, the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) made known that it had paid influencers to help raise awareness of the Year
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Picture The Straits Times  (OPINION)  23/04/2019
Rana Foroohar I find it amazing how quickly conventional wisdom about new technology can harden. It is commonly assumed today that 5G, the fifth-generation mobile technology that has yet to become a large-scale commercial reality, will be dominated by China. Proponents argue that China is
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Picture The Business Times  (TECHNOLOGY)  19/06/2018
Seoul LEE Seung Gun's parents told him to get his sanity checked when he quit his secure job as a dentist with the hospital arm of Samsung Group to found a mobile apps startup. Seven years and eight failed apps later, the founder of Viva Republica has a bona fide hit with payments ser
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Picture The Straits Times  (LIFE)  13/06/2018
It is no mean feat trying to attend Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Developers need to ballot for a ticket that costs US$1,599 (S$2,140). But for young budding developers, Apple has an alternate route – its WWDC Scholarships programme. To be eligible to apply, they
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