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Article 米老鼠说Singlish
By: 林方伟,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (时尚)  24/08/2018
时尚放大镜 配合米奇出道90周年,新加坡迪士尼推出"米奇够道地"产品,将米奇老鼠与本地口语,美食,民间文化等配对。   你"Don't Play Play",米奇老鼠也会说新式英语Singlish,而且分分钟说得比你还溜呢。米奇老鼠在1928年11月18日在迪士尼首部有声动画短片《汽船威利》(Steamboat Willie)中首次亮相,之后成为迪士尼不老的代言人。配合米奇今年出道90周年,新加坡迪士尼(Disney)推出"米奇够道地"(Mickey Go   (133 words)
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Article 洋人喝啤酒学 Singlish
Lianhe Wanbao  Lianhe Wanbao  (晚报新闻)  31/05/2018
  洋人喝酒也能学新加坡俚语,喝酒时高喊"Tok Kong"和"Sibeh Ho",还能把新式俚语带到国外去。
  获得平面设计金奖的"愤愤怒"(fFurious)设计事务所,为本地酿酒厂群岛酿酒公司设计"Singlish啤酒"。他们用四个与喝酒文化有关的新加坡式英语俚语为啤酒命名,分别为"Ki Siao"(发神经),"Sibeh Ho"(非常好),"Tok Kong"(顶级)和"Ah Kah Ji"(好哥们),再通过鲜明大胆的设计解释词汇。
啤酒名'Sibeh   (40 words)
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Article Singlish在国际受认可? 学者:仅过渡性
By: 陆佳丽,   Shin Min Daily News  Shin Min Daily News  (新闻)  12/11/2017
陆佳丽 报道
  新式英语在国际上越来越受认可?续苹果Siri后,谷歌的Google Assistant不久后也能以新式英语和使用者"沟通",但本地学者认为这只是过渡性,随着国人教育标准提高,预料40,50年后会消失。
  谷歌近期将推出的新手机设有的Google Assistant,将能"听得懂"新式英语(Singlish),当中就包括大家熟悉的"Lor","   (115 words)
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Article 'Singlish'啤酒 虎啤无犬酒
Lianhe Wanbao  Lianhe Wanbao  (体面人生)  24/06/2018

  长久以来,虎牌啤酒是新加坡啤酒的象征和代表。现在本地出品新一款的精酿啤酒(craft beer),让啤酒爱好者的味蕾和本土文化的特色都加倍升值。
  四种特色的啤酒包装采用接地气的新加坡式英文俚语(Singlish)——"Ah Kah Ji"(哥俩好)代表拉格啤酒;"Sibeh Ho"(好到爆)代表小麦啤酒;"Ki Siao"(喝到笑)代表棕艾尔啤酒;以及"Tok   (45 words)
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Article Seungri's Singlish wins fans over
By: DESIREE LOH,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE)  25/02/2019
Chou's The Longest Movie (2007).
During the show, Seungri repeatedly professed his love of Singapore and peppered his sentences with Singlish. "Any other Korean artist can't do this. I'm the best (at Singlish) because I love Singapore so much," he said.
The K-pop star was flanked by two male dancers during performances of songs such as his   (542 words)
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Online Singlish-speaking policeman in China earns netizens' applause
By: LYDIA LAM,   The Straits Times Online  The Straits Times Online  (ASIA)  19/06/2017

Published on 19 June 2017 22:24:28

A video of a policeman in China speaking what sounds like Singlish-influenced English has gone viral in the country, with several netizens applauding his skills.

Mr Li Yanqi, a traffic policeman in north-western China's Xi'an city, was on patrol on June 11 when he stopped some foreign students   (239 words)
Article Don't mistake poor English for Singlish
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (FORUM)  11/10/2017
Jonathan Mark Macpherson's letters (Singlish not a cause for worry; and Language is fluid, Oct 6) may appear to condone or encourage the use of Singlish.
Using Singlish when the situation and timing are appropriate is most certainly laudable and commendable.
However, unconsciously using Singlish when the occasion calls for more   (216 words)
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Article Koh only one in movie who speaks Singlish
By: SHERLYN SIM,   The New Paper  The New Paper  (LIFESTYLE)  08/08/2018
who loves all things gaudy and gilded.
On whether she was required to tone down or play up her Singlish, the 58-year-old told The New Paper: "I don't think any director can control a comedic actor.
"Jon Chu just let me speak in my Singlish accent and his only request was to pronounce my mispronunciations clearly. Is that an oxymoronic situation   (432 words)
Page: 28

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Online Crazy Rich Asians cast tries out Singlish in video
By: DEREK WONG,   The Straits Times Online  The Straits Times Online  (LIFESTYLE)  16/08/2018
its scenes set in Singapore, are seen trying to speak Singlish in a video.

In an interview with American entertainment magazine and website Variety posted online on Thursday (Aug 16), stars Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Constance Wu and Ken Jeong play a game called "Do you speak Singlish?" and try to guess the meaning of terms such as "lah"   (435 words)
Online US Embassy in Singapore challenges staff to Singlish test for National Day
By: REI KUROHI,   The Straits Times Online  The Straits Times Online  09/08/2018
2018 17:10:24

SINGAPORE - The staff at the United States Embassy in Singapore may be multilingual, but how well do they know their Singlish?

In a video posted on National Day titled The Great Singlish Challenge, five staff members are asked to complete six sentences with either lah, lor or leh.

Together, the sentences form a birthday   (214 words)
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