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Article Rojak
By: 林高,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (文艺城)  13/02/2018
林高 1. 赞曰
2.   (53 words)
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Article 罗惹档口前的访问
By: 陈诗雨,   Lianhe Wanbao  Lianhe Wanbao  (晚报网咖)  18/09/2017
晚餐时间 陈诗雨
本报记者   铁人,终究也需要休息。 
  前阵子和家人开车越长堤出游途中,刷手机得知本地著名"豪华罗杂"Hoover Rojak老摊主林岳定(也称林亚细)离开了,感到惋惜,也有些感伤。
  虽然不是亲戚,也不是吃着他的罗惹长大,但去年底才约在档口与这位和蔼可亲的"Rojak Uncle"进行采访,听他分享人生点滴,这一面之缘已深烙心里。
  Rojak   (104 words)
Page: 12
Article ???????? ?????"??18?"
By: ???,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (??)  26/05/2018
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(252 words)
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Picture The Straits Times  (LIFE)  25/08/2017
concerned about whether customers who queued up could eat his rojak." Last Friday, he fulfilled his last wish – to visit his rojak stall one last time. Ms Lim recalls: "He had his last taste of rojak and I could see that he was happy and contented." Mr Lim started his rojak business in 1961 from a pushcart in Toa Payoh. After receiving
Page: D8

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Picture The Straits Times  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  27/08/2017
27 Number of years Mrs Irene Clennell has been married to a Briton. Calvin Yang Even on his final journey, rojak master Lim Ngak Chew, 71, found a way to be near his popular Balestier Road Hoover Rojak stall at Whampoa Makan Place. Yesterday morning, the funeral cortege carrying Mr Lim's body drove past the hawker centre
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Picture Lianhe Wanbao  (晚报网咖)  18/09/2017
WB FORUM 晚报网咖P12 2017年9月18日 星期一   三巴旺超市 底层以前有一间 卖健康三文治的 餐 厅 , 我 每 次 跟 朋 友 无 论 是 早上中午或晚上去都无法光 顾,因为从早到晚都被学生 霸占成他们的私人温习室。 很多上班族也是进去试图找 位子,但都是摇摇头离开, 去光顾其他餐馆了。   既然业主不管,我们也 无权干涉。但不久那餐厅就 倒闭了,不知道业主是否知 道收入不佳的原因?   有一次午饭时间,一间 小吃店有两个学生霸占了四 人桌,摊开好几本课本在做 作业。我跟朋友已经有位子    铁人,终究也需要休息。    前阵子和家人开车越长堤出游途中,刷手机
Page: 12

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Article 国民美食 见证新加坡开埠
By: 李雅歌,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (食知味)  24/02/2019
摄影☉陈福洲 纪念新加坡开埠200年的活动已如火如荼展开,良木园酒店(Goodwood Park   (309 words)
Page: 12

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Article 旗袍 纱笼 换装游戏
By: 林方伟,   Lianhe Wanbao  Lianhe Wanbao  (体面人生)  30/09/2018
text: 林方伟
严宣融 摄影
新加坡男设计师吴伟仁(28岁)创造出一套好玩的换装游戏"Masak Rojak",邀请公众搭配试穿华人,马来人和印度人的传统服装。
  (121 words)
Page: 12

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Picture Tabla  (SINGAPORE)  01/03/2019
titled Rojak Romance, Mr Indrarajah and Ms Zhang navigate their different religious and cultural backgrounds, expectations on children and encounters with each other's families. Through this personal journey, they explore how to exist as a mixed-race couple in Singapore. The film also examines the identity of the Ceylonese Tamils. Making Rojak Romance
Page: 7

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Picture The Straits Times  (LIFE FEATURES)  04/08/2019
grain spirit to make gin, Compendium distils mead – which takes three to four months to ferment – to make its own neutral spirit and use as a base to create Rojak gin. Rojak gin, named after the local salad dish, is made with the hero botanical of torch ginger flower. Mr Zhao says: "We distil the mead, put in torch ginger, juniper
Page: C12

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