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Article JJ Lin diagnosed with HFMD
By: JAN LEE,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE TRENDING)  04/11/2019
The visit sparked headlines after someone reportedly offered a drip bag and syringe supposedly used by Lin for sale online. A video of nurses taking turns to lie on a bed said to have been used by Lin when he was in the hospital also circulated on the Internet.   (288 words)
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Article Lin Chi-ling pays it forward
By: WONG KIM HOH,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE STYLE)  01/02/2019
The "Lin Chiling Phenomenon" (coined by a wit to describe her meteoric rise to fame) even rubbed off on Japanese porn actresses like Yui Hatano, who was dubbed "AV Lin Chiling" by fans in Taiwan and China. AV means adult video.   (1174 words)
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Article Chiling Lin: 'I'm not pregnant'
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE BUZZ)  03/04/2018
But the baby rumours returned with a vengeance last month, when Lin made a public appearance in a floaty dress.
Last Saturday, she wore close-fitting clothes to her events in Dubai.   (273 words)
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Article Chiling Lin to become a mother?
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE TRENDING)  06/08/2019

But if Lin gets pregnant, pundits expect the duo to opt for a more permanent base to raise their kid.
Any birth will also please Lin's mother, whose ill health was one of the factors that was said to have swayed Lin's decision to marry Akira.
Her mother wanted to witness the marriage.   (242 words)
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By: NICOLE CHIA,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (SPORT)  11/04/2019
That was how long the highly anticipated Singapore Badminton Open first-round clash between former world No. 1s Lin Dan of China and Viktor Axelsen of Denmark lasted yesterday.   (649 words)
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Article Lin Dan shocks fans with withdrawal
By: ADEENA NAGIB,   The New Paper  The New Paper  (SPORTS)  11/04/2019

– Viktor Axelsen, Lin Dan's opponent   (917 words)
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Article JJ Lin flies high
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (HOME)  16/08/2018
Home-grown Mandopop star JJ Lin made a dramatic entrance for his JJ Lin Sanctuary World Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night.
Before an audience of 8,000, he appeared suspended in mid-air, cocooned in white and spinning head over heels slowly.   (199 words)
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Article Nov 17 wedding for Lin and Akira
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE TRENDING)  09/11/2019
In June, Lin sprang a surprise when she announced her marriage to Japanese actor and singer Akira, 38. Then, word had it that she married in a hurry because her mother was not in good health and she wanted to see Lin marry in her lifetime.   (342 words)
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Article JJ Lin's 'drip bag' offered for sale
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE TRENDING)  29/10/2019
Now, even a drip bag – said to be used by Singapore singer JJ Lin – has been offered for sale online.
Lin, 38, who was in Zhenjiang city in China's Jiangsu province last Saturday on the latest leg of his Sanctuary 2.0 World Tour, was reportedly unwell due to the weather.   (331 words)
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Article Ruby Lin praises 'handsome' husband
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE TRENDING)  26/10/2019

In a rare show of public affection, Lin, 43, expressed her love on Thursday for Huo, 39, in a trailer for Chinese reality show Happiness Trio.   (253 words)
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