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Picture The Business Times  (FOOD & DRINK)  11/01/2019
So there is a lot riding on wines like Manganite, an old-vine red Mâcon-Cruzille from Julien Guillot at Clos des Vignes du Maynes. "They planted Clos de Beze (one of the greatest Burgundy vineyards) in 909, and they planted here in 910, the same monks," Mr Guillot said, "and they have the grand cru and we're in generic Bourgogne."
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Online Music review: Scintillating and highly-assured performances from soloists Laura Peh and Azariah Tan
By: CHANG TOU LIANG,   The Straits Times Online  The Straits Times Online  (LIFESTYLE)  01/12/2019
In 2013, Laura Peh was established as the first Singaporean to perform a solo harp recital, while Azariah Tan became Singapore's first hearing-impaired concert pianist. Peh's recital was a showcase of mostly French virtuoso pieces representing the "Golden Age of the Harp".   (515 words)
Article Fur-ever friends
By: VIVIEN ANG,   The Business Times  The Business Times  (LIFE & CULTURE)  01/10/2018

Cat Welfare Society
Executive director
Laura Ann Meranda

What are some challenges that CWS face?

Laura: CWS is not a shelter and we do not keep cats on our premises. Instead, cats featured on our online adoption board live with independent fosterers.   (1547 words)
Page: 22

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Picture The Business Times  (FOOD & DRINK)  03/04/2020
Among the chardonnays, she men-tioned those from Lioco and Failla in Sonoma, Domaine Guillot-Broux in the Mâ-connais, and in the Jura, François Rousset-Martin, an unusual, oxidative chardonnay and a particular favourite of Willa Deeley’s.
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By: JAN LEE,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE)  18/05/2020
In the first season, she plays Laura, who accuses a man named Andrew (played by British actor Ioan Gruffudd) of raping her. The two are stuck in a he-said, she-said scenario before it was revealed that Laura told the truth and that Andrew is a serial rapist who has raped 19 women.   (604 words)
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Article Mrs Singapore runner-up, 44, is grandma of five
By: ELAINE LEE,   The New Paper  The New Paper  (LIFESTYLE)  13/08/2019
{Editorial email dated 11/12/2019} [/SPHUseOnly] Ms Laura Lee is also a successful businesswoman and is set to get an SME award At 44, Ms Laura Lee is already a grandma of five. And she was named first runner-up at this year's Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore Pageant.   (342 words)
Page: 12
Article A mostly predictable awards show
By: JOHN LUI,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE)  11/02/2020
Laura Dern's turn as a warm but determined family lawyer in the divorce drama Marriage Story won her Best Supporting Actress, a win that, like the other awards for acting, came as predicted.   (362 words)
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Article How people make up stories to survive
By: ALISON DE SOUZA IN LOS ANGELES,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE TELEVISION)  26/07/2018

Fox and the actresses who play her as an adult and a child, Laura Dern and Isabelle Nelisse, spoke at a recent Los Angeles screening of The Tale.   (915 words)
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Asia News Network How to layer up this summer yet look cool
By: AKSHAY KAUSHAL,   Hindustan Times (India)  Hindustan Times (India)/Asia News Network  11/05/2019
Francois Guillot/AFP) > Ranveer Singh wears a puffer jacket with multicoloured pants (below) Follow more stories on Facebook and Twitter   (328 words)
Article Fresh spin on beloved classic
By: JOANNE SOH,   The New Paper  The New Paper  (LIFESTYLE)  15/01/2020
BRILLIANT Laura Dern is brilliant as ever supportive mum Marmee, while newcomer Scanlen does not make shy and sickly Beth a weakling. Watson is the weakest link as pretty Meg, the one who is contented to be a wife. Pugh has the unenviable job playing Alcott's least favourite character Amy.   (475 words)
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