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Asia News Network Korea selects top five models for 2020 FACE of ASIA
By: LEE MIN-YOUNG,   The Korea Times (Korea)  The Korea Times (Korea)/Asia News Network  15/10/2019

Out of 30 contestants, Park Chae-lim, Choi Hyun-jin, Kim Se-won, Lee Jung-min, Lee Seo-young were chosen to advance to the finals in Seoul where they will compete with winners from 25 Asian countries for the "FACE of Asia" title
Supermodel Kim Hyo-jin and Ju Won-dae hosted the event.   (345 words)
Asia News Network 'We are nothing without history'
By: LEE KYUNG-MIN,   The Korea Times (Korea)  The Korea Times (Korea)/Asia News Network  22/07/2019

Kim Hyun-jinBy Lee Kyung-min

Kim Hyun-jin, a senior manager at Shinhan Financial Group, said organizing a food market to commemorate the heroes of the Independence Movement helped him learn the significance of remembering the “easily forgotten,” Monday.   (330 words)
Asia News Network Samsung to brace for slow growth in 2019 in personnel reshuffle
By: SONG SU-HYUN,   The Korea Herald (South Korea)  The Korea Herald (South Korea)/Asia News Network  04/12/2018
However, the three chief executive officers who took office in November last year --- Kim Ki-nam, Koh Dong-jin and Kim Hyun-suk -- are likely to retain their posts, considering that the average term for the Samsung CEO position lasts at least for three years.    (423 words)
Asia News Network [INTERVIEW] Designer Lee Ju-young behind Jin Air's new trendy appearance
By: KIM HYUN-BIN,   The Korea Times (Korea)  The Korea Times (Korea)/Asia News Network  09/08/2019
Courtesy of Jin Air
By Kim Hyun-bin

Jin Air, the country's second-largest budget carrier, unveiled a new line of stylish uniforms that has been implemented for its flight crew starting July.   (447 words)
Asia News Network 'It's okay to take your time,' film says
By: LEE GYU-LEE,   The Korea Times (Korea)  The Korea Times (Korea)/Asia News Network  24/09/2019
From left, director Hyun Jin-sik, guitarist Kim Ji-hee and her mother Lee Soon-do pose at a press conference held at CGV Yongsan in Seoul, Monday.   (775 words)
Asia News Network Middle East urged to pay closer attention to North Korea export controls
By: YI WHAN-WOO,   The Korea Times (Korea)  The Korea Times (Korea)/Asia News Network  24/11/2019
Among the dignitaries were KAS Secretary-General Kim Jin-soo, JPI President Kim Bong-hyun, ECSSR Acting Deputy Director Abdulla Al Suwaidi, and Vice Foreign Minister Cho Sei-young, each of whom gave speeches, plus foreign envoys from the UAE, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco and Oman.   (1080 words)
Asia News Network Top Samsung execs sign to eradicate corruption
By: KIM YOO-CHUL,   The Korea Times (Korea)  The Korea Times (Korea)/Asia News Network  13/01/2020
On Kim's left is Samsung Electronics president Kim Hyun-seok and to his right is the company's mobile boss Ko Dong-jin, Monday. Yonhap By Kim Yoo-chul Top management at Samsung Electronics vowed to properly and independently operate the newly-launched anti-corruption committee.   (579 words)
Asia News Network Korea Times Digital Finance Forum [PHOTOS]
By: PARK SI-SOO,   The Korea Times (Korea)  The Korea Times (Korea)/Asia News Network  26/06/2019
Korea Times photo by Shim Hyun-chul
Citibank Korea CEO Park Jin-hei, center, shakes hands with another attendee. Korea Times photo by Shim Hyun-chul
Kim Tae-young, center, chairman of the Korea Federation of Banks, mingles with VIP guests. To his right are Shinhan Bank CEO Jin Ok-dong and K bank CEO Shim Sung-hoon.   (470 words)
Picture The New Paper  (RACING)  26/07/2019
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Asia News Network Key exhibitions to see in 2019
By: KWON MEE-YOO,   The Korea Times (Korea)  The Korea Times (Korea)/Asia News Network  27/01/2019

Korean artists abroad

Three female artists ― Nam Hwa-yeon, Jung Eun-young and Jane Jin Kaisen ― will represent Korea at this year's Venice Biennale from May to November. Handpicked by curator Kim Hyun-jin, the three artists will focus on women and gender-diversified narratives in the context of East Asia.   (1025 words)
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