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Article 凯发集团 Hyflux
By: 银,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (财经)  28/11/2017
按图索骥 银   本栏于今年元月3日曾论及这只股票于去年12月20日股价已经上升至0.565元,与当时位于0.60元的阻力线相去不远,遂于每周一杆图以"转向"信号进入调整。截至12月29日股价已经下跌至0.50元,而每月一杆图的"动力"信号却上升至负号介于0.00177处,估计一旦穿上"中性线",股价或将突破0.60元的阻力线而朝0.86元前进。当时股价为0.515元左右。果然,股价过后渐渐上升,今年2月14日和15日两度升试上述位于0.60元的阻力线未果;16日股价终于突破此阻力线直抵0.615元,21日更上升至0.63元。23日股价再度试此价位,然而,由于上述"动力"信号却未能穿过"中性线"而进入   (48 words)
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Article 凯发集团 Hyflux
By: 银,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (财经)  22/05/2018
按图索骥 银   本栏去年11月28日曾论及这只股票若以图中"三角形"的高计自其下限,可测得最终目标将是0.31元。当时股价为0.35元左右。果然,股价过后渐渐下跌,同月30日股价下试0.335元,随即出现回扯。今年元月5日股价一度上升至0.38元,接着于8日再度回试此价位,无奈后劲不足,旋于当天以"转向"信号重返跌势。2月13日股价终于跌穿0.31元,直试0.305元。4月4日股价已经下跌至0.25元,虽然,股价于4月12日一度回扯至0.325元,可惜只是昙花一现,截至5月9日股价已经下试0.20元。由于股价自2012年5月的1.16元下跌至今,期间每月一杆图中的"动力"信号,却从负号界域的0.03   (48 words)
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Online Hyflux's offer for HyfluxShop entirely voluntary, says firm
By: VIVIEN SHIAO,   The Business Times Online  The Business Times Online  (COMPANIES & MARKETS)  15/02/2018
2018 16:06:25

HYFLUX'S chief executive officer, Olivia Lum, was not required to make an offer for shares in its consumer business, HyfluxShop, the firm said in a clarification of an earlier statement made on Feb 1.The offer, which Ms Lum is going ahead with, is entirely voluntary, and is to provide an avenue for HyfluxShop shareholders to sell   (253 words)
Online SIC: Hyflux's Lum must make offer for HyfluxShop following dividend in specie
By: VIVIEN SHIAO,   The Business Times Online  The Business Times Online  (COMPANIES & MARKETS)  01/02/2018
distribution valuation of the HyfluxShop shares.Hyflux is planning to distribute 70 per cent of the shares in HyfluxShop Holdings to Hyflux's existing shareholders on the basis of one HyfluxShop share for every 10 Hyflux shares held, for free. Hyflux, which is undertaking the distribution as part of plans to list HyfluxShop, will retain the remaining   (312 words)
Article Hyflux to engage stakeholders
The New Paper  The New Paper  (BUSINESS)  24/05/2018
expectations for the troubles at Hyflux, the issue has probably brewed for a time much longer than necessary.
"Hyflux has probably seen this coming and could have been more expeditious and decisive in its restructuring efforts along the way."
Market observers agree that a six-month moratorium would allow Hyflux to focus on two ongoing   (416 words)
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Article Probe Hyflux's past operations
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (FORUM)  14/02/2019
Association (Singapore) recently, many relevant questions regarding Hyflux's past operations and financial performance were not answered satisfactorily.
Hence, it is heartening to read that Sias has followed up with a letter and a list of questions to Hyflux's board of directors (Hyflux queried over CEO's remuneration, Feb 11).
Many   (131 words)
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Online Hyflux's restructuring negative for creditors: Moody's
By: RACHEL MUI,   The Straits Times Online  The Straits Times Online  (BUSINESS)  25/05/2018

As the credit-ranking firm points out, Hyflux's loans and borrowings are dominated by banks - 68 per cent of Hyflux's debt is unsecured, of which 51 per cent is in the form of unsecured bank loans.

In addition, Maybank Singapore and its related entities are likely to be one of Hyflux's key secured creditors, Moody's noted. In 2013   (482 words)
Article Hyflux's cash flow runs dry
By: GRACE LEONG,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (INSIGHT)  05/08/2018
the NUS Business School, likened Hyflux taking on both project and debt risk to "burning the candle at both ends".
"Hyflux has obviously gone awry in its use of debt to fund business expansion over the years. Even more fundamental to the management of debt is the governance of risk. It is not clear that Hyflux has exercised strong governance guidance   (2144 words)
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Online Stocks to watch: Sembcorp Marine, Hyflux
The Business Times Online  The Business Times Online  (STOCKS,SINGAPORE)  12/09/2017
delayed rigs could be a key catalyst," it said.
Hyflux Limited: Mainboard-listed Hyflux on Monday said SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation has been ordered to pay its subsidiary, Hydrochem, US$16.1 million following an arbitration dispute. The order was issued by the tribunal on Aug 31. Hyflux's shares closed at S$0.485 on Monday.   (159 words)
Article Sembcorp, Keppel, YTL eyeing Hyflux plant
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (BUSINESS)  04/08/2018
2 million.
Hyflux's estimated post-tax profit is $6.22 million for the six months to Dec 31 this year, while profit at its Hyflux Engineering unit is estimated at $5.4 million.
Conversely, losses are expected from the rest of its key subsidiaries for the six months: $39.07 million at Hydrochem (S); $13.34 million at Hyflux Membrane Manufacturing;   (455 words)
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