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Article 体验马来传统之美
Comma  Comma  (校园)  16/01/2019
报道:周佳铃 (圣公会通讯员实习生) 
图片:Azmi Bin A Rashid,周佳铃摄
  当天,学校请来专业的教练,给学生上课,其中就包括了马来武术(Pencak Silat)。马来武术虽然和华人武术一样,是种强身健体的武艺,但却有着自己独特的传统文化。
  教练除了向学生详细介绍这门源自印度尼西亚廖内的武术,也传授各种招式。学生从最基本的扎马步开始练起,之后再尝试基本的防身术。两位教练更是示范了各种高难度的防身招式,博得全场掌声与喝彩。   (86 words)
Page: 30
Article Bin those labels
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LITTLE RED DOT)  26/03/2019

I was happy to learn that streaming in secondary schools will soon be replaced by subject banding.
Instead of being classified into Normal or Express streams, students can take subjects at G1, G2 or G3 levels.
One of the aims of this change is to   (203 words)
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Article Over 50 people paid out of Najib's account probed
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (WORLD)  14/09/2018

Mr Noor Rashid said US$972 million went into Najib's account, however, after moving through accounts linked to several firms. He named some, including Good Star Limited, Aabar and Tanore.   (446 words)
Page: A14

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Article Isolated Qatar reaches out to the world
By: ARLINA ARSHAD REGIONAL CORRESPONDENT IN DOHA (QATAR),   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (WORLD FOCUS)  12/06/2018
. ''`
MR SHEIKH SAIF BIN AHMED BIN SAIF AL THANI, Qatari government's communications office director.   (1648 words)
Page: A16

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Article New bins make recycling easier
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LITTLE RED DOT)  13/08/2019

ST, Aug 2
Adapted from "Recycling bins to be given to 18,000 HDB residents"
By Cheryl Teh Some 18,000 residents in new Housing Board precincts will receive vouchers this month to redeem free recycling bins at furniture retailer Ikea.   (395 words)
Page: 2

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Article Loo bins limit sewage blockages
By: JJ QUEK,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LITTLE RED DOT)  14/05/2019

Each toilet bowl has a bin next to it. I noticed some were covered (good) and some were not (not good).
It was then that an idea popped in my head: We should market our latest foot-pedal bin here.
First, our new bin is of a covered design, so the user does not see what is inside.   (460 words)
Page: 6

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Article Travel like the Jetsons
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (WORLD FOCUS)  03/04/2018

The flying taxi developed by drone firm Volocopter was unmanned for its maiden test run in a ceremony arranged for Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum last September.   (570 words)
Page: A12

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Article Sufi Rashid bertunang dengan peniaga Malaysia
By: NUR ADILAH MAHBOB,   Berita Harian  Berita Harian  17/12/2018

"Insya-Allah, akan ada majlis sanding di Singapura nanti," kata Sufi, yang nama penuhnya Mohammad Sufie Rashid, kepada BH.
Juara Akademi Fantasia 2015 yang popular dengan lagu Aku Sanggup dan Kisah Dua Muka itu mula berkenalan dengan Nurulain pada penghujung 2016.   (164 words)
Page: 2

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Online Sufie Rashid Bertunang
Berita Harian Online  Berita Harian Online  (HIBURAN)  16/12/2018

Published on 16 December 2018 17:53:17

PENYANYI kelahiran Singapura, Sufie Rashid, bertunang dengan ahli perniagaan dari Malaysia, Nurulain Md Yusof di Seremban, semalam (15 Dis).   (127 words)
Picture The Straits Times  (WORLD)  08/03/2020
PHOTO: HTTPS://FREELATIFA.COMA 2013 photo of Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his then wife Princess Haya at the Epsom Derby Day in Britain. Princess Haya, who has since fled to Britain, has alleged that he threatened her when she questioned his treatment of his daughters Shamsa and Latifa.
Page: A18

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