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By: ANKITA VARMA,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE STYLE)  30/03/2018

Besides choosing the six prints designed by Marimekko's in-house designer Maija Louekari – one of which, Kukkia Rakkaalle or flowers for the loved one, is a new print specifically designed for the collaboration – the teams had to decide on the silhouettes of the clothes and ensure that the designs were scaled appropriately for the individual products   (1430 words)
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Asia News Network Always the floral flourish
By: KUPLUTHAI PUNGKANON THE NATION,   The Nation (Thailand)  The Nation (Thailand)/Asia News Network  (THE NATION)  13/03/2019
Maija Isola refused the edict and, in protest, created an entire series of gorgeous floral prints. 
One of them was Unikko, which has become a story of creativity, strength, courage and faith in self.
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Asia News Network Welcome back Rexy!
By: THE NATION,   The Nation (Thailand)  The Nation (Thailand)/Asia News Network  (THE NATION)  26/06/2019
The colour palette of the season blooms in blue, pink and green with Marimekko’s signature flower prints by Maija Isola, Unikko (poppy, designed in 1964) and Juhanas (midsummer, designed in 1966) coming alive on dresses and sun hats.   (518 words)
Picture HOME & DECOR  (FEATURE 30 KITCHEN)  01/03/2018
It was designed by Finnish designer Aino-Maija Metsola. Find it at the Marimekko boutique at #02-17/18 Capitol Piazza, tel: 6834-4802. Feature_30 Kitchen Must Have KHL.indd 64Feature_30 Kitchen Must Have KHL.indd 64 8/2/18 2:48 PM8/2/18 2:48 PM 64
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Picture HER WORLD  (FASHION NEWS SNIPS 100)  01/04/2018
The collection of tees, blouses, culottes, dresses, canvas sneakers and bags sports distinctive prints by Maija Louekari, one of Marimekko's world-renowned designers. Prices: $19.90-$59.90. And on April 20, JW Anderson's second collection with Uniqlo hits the stores.
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Article 芬兰品牌Marimekko 创造用者的喜悦
By: 林方伟,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (设计)  25/03/2018
赫尔辛基报道☉林方伟 (品牌提供照片)   3月30日开始,日本服饰品牌Uniqlo与芬兰国宝级品牌Marimekko携手推出50款服饰,平常以高价出售的Marimekko将以少过60新元的平民价走入寻常百姓家。配合协作,Marimekko在Uniqlo的安排下破天荒打开芬兰赫尔辛基总部大门,邀请新加坡媒体采访,分享超过半世纪设计生活用品的秘诀。 Marimekko是芬兰女企业家Armi Ratia和丈夫在1951年买下一家布料厂而创办的,芬兰语Mari(Armi名字的变奏)是洋装的意思。原先推出防水布的业务滑铁卢后,她请艺术家朋友将绘图印在布料上。Marimekko总裁Tiina   (206 words)
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