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Article UOB is banking on data
By: VIVIEN SHIAO,   The Business Times  The Business Times  (SFF X SWITCH 2019)  11/11/2019
Going forward, there are several data-related initiatives that Mr Lowe will continue to press ahead with. Firstly, he intends to make data even more accessible and more understandable for users. "We are still exploring the mountains of data in our data lake," he said.   (1158 words)
Page: 16

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Article Initiatives launched to help Home Team work together, says Josephine Teo
By: CHARMAINE NG,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (HOME)  23/05/2019

Noting that technology presents opportunities to achieve more with less manpower, Mrs Teo said a centralised data system called the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) Data Lake is being developed to organise and retrieve data from across the Home Team.   (525 words)
Page: B6

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Picture The Business Times  (OPINION)  01/08/2018
Called data lakes, this is estimated by Cisco to grow by 500 zettabytes per year by the end of 2019, hence the move by enterprises to extract hidden value in data lakes. (One zettabyte is equal to one trillion gigabytes.)
Page: 20

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Picture The Business Times  (SFF X SWITCH 2019)  11/11/2019
Within 18 months, the enterprise data lake was completed, where almost all of the bank’s business systems data are loaded inside.
Page: 16-17

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Picture The Business Times  (OPINION)  10/06/2020
In a world that is filled more with data “noise” than useful insight, what com-panies must do is go back to basics, and create a solid and robust data foundation. This is more than just swapping from a traditional data ware-house to a new data lake.
Page: 18

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Article NTU team invents handy device to measure water quality
By: SHABANA BEGUM,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (HOME)  16/04/2019

The scientists are also developing an app to store data from lakes and rivers in parts of Asia so that countries can track the changes in water quality over time.
"For instance, officials in India can test the water quality of a pond during the monsoon season," said Prof Yong.   (588 words)
Page: B5

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Picture The Business Times  (OPINION)  19/10/2018
As these new external data sets and applications are incorporated into enterprise data lakes, CIOs need to determine the best way to ensure the accur acy and integrity of this data, while also providing broader access to it.
Page: 25

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Article Quality healthcare in Pan-Asia and beyond
By: LORNA TAN INVEST EDITOR,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (INVEST)  17/03/2019

At Thomson Medical, we aim to work with partners to use technology, including artificial intelligence, to turn our data lake into an exciting platform for research and education that will ultimately result in greater operational efficiency, more targeted care, and better health outcomes for our patients.   (1764 words)
Page: B16

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Picture The Business Times  04/12/2018
Understanding and collecting data from various systems into a "data lake", coupled with threat intelligence from third parties can allow the organisation to analyse data in a cohesive manner.
Page: 18

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Picture The Straits Times  (FULL PAGE ADS)  25/09/2019
Data in Virtual Brain Water is stored in Sembcorp’s data lake — a highly secure repository of operational data, ensuring integrity and accountability in data collection.
Page: C3

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