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Article Out, out, sun spots
By: AMANDA CHAI,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE HOT WEATHER HACKS)  21/07/2019

But sunscreen is one of the most important steps in any skincare regimen, says aesthetic doctor Chiam Chiak Teng, resident physician at Ensoul Medical Clinic. It minimises damage done to the skin by harmful UV rays as well as the risk of skin cancer.   (990 words)
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Article Prabowo vows to lift poor out of poverty as he sets out vision
By: LINDA YULISMAN INDONESIA CORRESPONDENT IN JAKARTA,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (WORLD)  16/01/2019

Mr Arya Fernandes, a political analyst from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, however, thought that Mr Prabowo's speech lacked focus because he was trying to cover too many issues.   (673 words)
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Article Ironing out rail issues
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (HOME)  27/02/2020
The first simulation facility for Singapore's rail network was built at Bishan Depot and completed at the end of 2018 to serve the North-South and East-West lines. It was needed to keep tight oversight of the resignalling projects being done on both lines, and to develop a home-grown understanding of   (207 words)
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Article Giulia brings out the glee
By: WONG KAI YI,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE MOTORING)  27/06/2020
Though it was not in a colour he favours, he bought the car in September last year, paying under $200,000 for it. It comes with a red interior and 19-inch alloys.   (636 words)
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Article Venturing out on their own
Tabla  Tabla  (SINGAPORE)  21/06/2019
In 1998 Mr S. Balachandran bought his first Honda Gold Wing bike. It was a prized commodity then and was touted "The King of Bikes".
"Only some 30 people had this bike in Singapore," he said. "Usually, they would go on short trips to Malaysia riding it."
The owners of this bike used to gather   (168 words)
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Article Experts: US out to assert dominance over China
By: WALTER SIM JAPAN CORRESPONDENT IN TOKYO,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (WORLD)  13/09/2018

Experts said the US and China are jostling to set the rules for a new order in East Asia, noting how Washington has been taking steps to assert its dominance over Beijing.   (524 words)
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Article Ready to sing your heart out?
By: EDDINO ABDUL HADI MUSIC CORRESPONDENT,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE)  28/03/2019

"We started playing covers from the 1960s, then started to write our own stuff."
Music is all they have wanted to do, he says. They have been making music together for so long he cannot imagine doing it on his own without his brother.
"That wouldn't be the first thing I want to do, but I can't say I never would, that's for sure.   (1425 words)
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Article Listen out for more Sing Lit
By: OLIVIA HO,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE BOOKS)  07/05/2019
Swedish audiobook platform Storytel is working with three home-grown publishers to turn their titles into audiobooks

No time to read Singapore literature? Now you can listen to it on your daily commute instead, as an international audiobook platform strives to win Singapore listeners by   (661 words)
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Article Jacqueline Wong's sister Scarlett speaks out
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE TRENDING)  10/09/2019
HONG KONG   Scarlett Wong (left) wants the best for her family members, but she also wishes to be left alone and not have to answer questions about her disgraced sister Jacqueline Wong.
Speaking to Hong Kong journalists last week, Scarlett, 37, an actress, said she hopes TVB artist   (356 words)
Page: D10

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Article Shell out for peanuts
By: HEDY KHOO STFOOD ONLINE EDITOR,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE FOOD AND DRINK)  19/01/2020
And do not expect to pay peanuts. The price of these souped-up peanuts from mainland China and Taiwan, boasting flavours available only during this festive season like Taro and Mandarin Orange Peel, is between $9 and $15 for 500g. The recommended minimum amount to buy is 250g.   (391 words)
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