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Picture The Business Times  (COMPANIES & MARKETS)  17/01/2019
They need to regularly assess the per formance of their directors and com municate all of this to shareholders. n Greater diversity does not always mean a better board This builds on the first point: com panies should not be reluctant to re move ineffective directors from their boards for fear that it makes their boards look less diverse.
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Picture The Business Times  (LEADING WOMEN)  05/12/2018
Hence, more than ever, companies need to ensure they are equipped to maximise opportunities while mitigating risks. The recent enhancement of the Code of Corporate Governance calling for greater transparency and accountability on board diversity matters, including women on boards, is a timely step in the right direction.
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Article President Halimah's address on board-diversity journey bang on
By: MICHELLE QUAH,   The Business Times  The Business Times  (COMPANIES & MARKETS)  17/01/2019
This is a welcome step forward in the ongoing journey of promoting greater diversity at the upper ranks of the workplace.   (911 words)
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Picture The Business Times  (SIAS INVESTORS' CHOICE AWARDS 2018)  26/09/2018
A call for board gender diversity is often justified on the grounds that more diverse boards enhance firm performance.
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Picture The Business Times  (VIEWS FROM THE TOP)  20/08/2018
The delayed in troduction to 2022 is disappointing but understandable given more than 40 per cent of listed companies will need to identify one or more new independent directors. I be lieve a more regular refreshing of boards will lead to greater diversity of thought, enhanced sustainable value creation and better investor protection.
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Picture The Business Times  (OPINION)  20/09/2018
Grauer's in his role as founding chair man of the US 30% Club, which campaigns for greater representation of women on the boards of listed companies in the United States.
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Picture The Business Times  (SINGAPORE CORPORATE AWARDS 2018)  19/07/2018
Besides fostering a dare-to-try and dare-to-fail culture, a more constructive dia logue around board diversity is needed. The dialogue needs to move beyond gender to focus on the skills and competen cies of the board members.
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Picture The Business Times  (THE RAFFLES CONVERSATION)  31/08/2019
"It's proven that companies with a greater percentage of women on their boards and in senior management perform better.
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Picture The Business Times  (SINGAPORE CORPORATE AWARDS 2018)  19/07/2018
There is sufficient market data for boards to appreciate the value and to assess the fit and wider perspectives that gender diversity do provide to boardroom deliberations. Mr Ng: With growing adoption of diversity (including gender diversity), there is no need to specifically mandate gender diversity. Diversity is a source of strength.
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Picture The Business Times  (VIEWS FROM THE TOP)  20/08/2018
If any reason was needed on why it should be supported, it's that boards will be refreshed, and not so much that long-serving directors will lose their independence.
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