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Article SICCI elects eight new board members
"SICCI can play an important role both in the Singapore business community and the Indian business community," said Mr Tripathi, the chairman of Affinity Capital and group chief executive officer of SEVAK, a leading telecom and IT service provider.   (600 words)
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Article Caving has its thrills and risks
By: ANKITA VARMA,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  08/07/2018
Teacher Nandita Tripathi, 28, who visited the Goa Jomblang caves in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, did not specifically train for her day trip but said she would not recommend it for young children or the elderly. Part of the expedition involved abseiling 50m to reach the forest floor of the cave.   (562 words)
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Article Lelaki didakwa atas kes bunuh di Punggol Field
Berita Harian  Berita Harian  18/05/2020
Muncul di mahkamah semalam melalui sidang video, Surajsrikan Diwakar Mani Tripathi didakwa kerana menikam Tay Rui Hao, 38 tahun, berdekatan dengan perhentian bas dekat Punggol Field Road pada 10 Mei lalu sekitar 11.08 malam. Dia akan ditahan reman di Pusat Perubatan Kompleks Penjara Changi dan akan kembali ke mahkamah pada 5 Jun depan.   (193 words)
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Article masala chat
Tabla  Tabla  (ENTERTAINMENT)  09/11/2018

In Amazon Prime's Mirzapur, a story based in a lawless land where the trade of arms, ammunition and drugs is a part of normal life, Rasika will be seen playing the role of Beena Tripathi, wife of gang-lord Pankaj Tripathi.   (880 words)
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Article 20-year-old Singaporean man charged with murder of jogger in Punggol
By: ADELINE TAN,   The New Paper  The New Paper  (NEWS)  18/05/2020
Surajsrikan Diwakar Mani Tripathi appeared in court via video conferencing and is accused of murdering Mr Tay Rui Hao near a bus stop in Punggol Field Road at 11:08pm that day, The Straits Times reported.   (283 words)
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Picture Tabla  (ENTERTAINMENT)  10/05/2019
Kalki Koechlin, Ranvir Shorey and Pankaj Tripathi in season 2 of Sacred Games. Please take a moment to join us in screaming hysterically," read a post on the official Twitter page of Netflix India.
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Picture Tabla  (INDIA)  03/04/2020
he took permission from the newborn’s mother, Mrs Ragini Tripathi, before naming her.
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Article Inter-school quiz to celebrate Gandhi's birth anniversary
Tabla  Tabla  (EDUCATION)  12/10/2018

CAMPUS chatter
from Global Indian International School 


AS OCT 2 was approaching, we were looking forward to celebrating Gandhi Jayanti in our school.   (330 words)
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Article Man, 20, charged with murder of jogger
By: MICHELLE NG,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  18/05/2020
Appearing in court via videoconferencing, Singaporean Surajsrikan Diwakar Mani Tripathi was accused of stabbing a 38-year-old man near a bus stop in Punggol Field on May 10 at 11.08pm. He will be remanded at Changi Prison Complex Medical Centre and will be back in court on June 5.   (368 words)
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Online Sevak's CEO appointed as executive chairman
By: CLAUDIA CHONG,   The Business Times Online  The Business Times Online  (COMPANIES & MARKETS)  05/09/2019

Published on 05 September 2019 21:26:15

SEVAK Limited's group chief executive officer (CEO) Maneesh Tripathi has been appointed executive chairman with effect from Sept 6.

Mr Tripathi has worked for the company for nearly a decade in various roles, including six years as the CEO.    (96 words)
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