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Article Razer Pay beta testing launched in Singapore
By: ANNABETH LEOW,   The Business Times  The Business Times  (COMPANIES)  02/03/2019

Razer Pay beta testers can make purchases at Dunkin' Donuts outlets, and Buzz convenience stores owned by Singapore Press Holdings, which publishes The Business Times.
Razer, which has been based in San Francisco, broke ground on a new regional headquarters in Singapore's one-north district last month.   (302 words)
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Article MyTransport.SG beta app fully tested and functional
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (FORUM)  27/10/2018

The feedback we received was incorporated into the beta version of the refreshed MyTransport.SG app that was released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on Sept 7.   (196 words)
Page: A44

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Article SGX buys 93% stake in Scientific Beta for $279m
By: SUE-ANN TAN,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (BUSINESS)  24/01/2020
Scientific Beta chief executive Noel Amenc said: "Together we will drive continued development in the smart beta and sustainable finance space, leveraging Scientific Beta's academic rigour and SGX's product development capabilities."   (502 words)
Page: C9

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Article Gojek rolls out beta version of app with ride limitations
Indonesian ride-hailing firm Gojek has launched a beta version of its app here.
Beta is tech talk for prototype, which means changes and modifications may be in the offing.
The app went live yesterday afternoon, and indications are that a full launch will be held early next year.   (642 words)
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Article Banking disruptor Revolut set for Singapore beta launch in coming weeks
By: JAMIE LEE,   The Business Times  The Business Times  (TOP STORIES)  22/02/2019
REVOLUT – a London-based fintech dubbed a "banking challenger" – said that it will be making a beta launch in Singapore in the "coming weeks", as it looks to gain ground over incumbent financial players here and in the region.   (518 words)
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Article Gojek starts to roll out in S'pore with beta app
By: KOK YUFENG,   The New Paper  The New Paper  (NEWS)  30/11/2018
After months of anticipation, Indonesian ride-hailing company Gojek launched the beta version of its mobile application in Singapore yesterday.
Access to the beta app will be granted to users in batches on a first-come, first-served basis, with the company expecting to ramp up to hundreds of thousands of users by the end of the beta period.   (292 words)
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Article LTA should warn users of risks in downloading its 'beta' software
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (FORUM)  20/10/2018

Many people know that in software development, beta means the product is an unfinished version. However, the media release on the LTA website and also the news coverage make no mention of the implications or intent of this beta application.
If it really is a beta software, there may be risks to users of the application.   (211 words)
Page: A38

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Article SGX invests 186m euros in index firm; Q2 net profit up 3%
By: ANGELA TAN,   The Business Times  The Business Times  (COMPANIES & MARKETS)  24/01/2020
It is an independent index provider specialising in smart beta strategies, and boasts of having more than 60 asset owners and asset managers using Scientific Beta's indices to track or benchmark their smart beta investments.   (838 words)
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Article Serakah
By: OTHMAN ISMAIL,   Berita Harian  Berita Harian  (GAH!)  16/07/2018

"Beta tidak memikirkan takhta beta wahai dato. Beta hanya peduli nasib rakyat di luar sana yang semestinya dipukul bantai oleh askar pengganas dari negeri Tanah Emas, yang rajanya serakah akan takhta."
"Hulubalang kita berada di luar sana Tuanku.   (1376 words)
Page: 12

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Article $70m to be pumped into R&D to devise urban solutions
By: GRACE HO,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  24/07/2019

A developer could bring a problem to Beta, which will link it up with research institutions.
Or if a company wants to deploy a new product, Beta can help it find potential partners willing to test-bed and commercialise the product.   (499 words)
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