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Article Friends left him when he dropped out of uni
By: CHEOW SUE-ANN,   The New Paper  The New Paper  (NEWS)  11/02/2019

Entrepreneur Viren Shetty, 25, told The New Paper: "Many said I was sure to fail."
Yet, Mr Shetty persisted in starting his own technology-based business.
He is the co-founder of PlusMargin, a company that – while he prefers to keep the details confidential – counts several global brands as customers.   (537 words)
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Article Ranveer Singh is on a roll
By: ANJALI RAGURAMAN,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE MOVIES)  27/12/2018

Shetty is responsible for some of the highest-grossing films in Indian cinema, such as action-comedy films Chennai Express (2013) and Golmaal Again (2017).
Singh is all praise for Shetty, pointing out that "he's very fast and the only director who can deliver a film from inception to (the screen) in four months flat".   (550 words)
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Article Hyflux has till March 10 to get court okay for scheme meeting
By: LEE MEIXIAN,   The Business Times  The Business Times  (COMPANIES & MARKETS)  21/02/2020
Mr Shetty added that a S$40 million pot would cover about three quarters of the adviser fees. "That's not a bad position to be in," he said.   (884 words)
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Article OakNorth to sell loan underwriting tech to Asian incumbents
By: JAMIE LEE,   The Business Times  The Business Times  (FRONT PAGE)  09/07/2019

Because of the economics of large commercial banks, SMEs are approached with a "very rigid, checkbox lending approach", and often need to offer collateral, said Mr Shetty.   (981 words)
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Article Dunia hiburan tanpa sempadan satukan Indonesia, India
By: HARYANI ISMAIL,   Berita Harian  Berita Harian  (GAYA HIDUP)  13/02/2020
"Lebih menarik lagi jika Shilpa Shetty dan Rossa yang mempunyai ramai pengikut di media sosial menguar-uarkan lagu dari luar negara yang boleh dinikmati peminat masing-masing," jelas Encik Kingsley.   (821 words)
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Article Adapt to thrive in new world of work
By: AMELIA TENG,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  23/07/2018

Software firm PlusMargin co-founder Viren Shetty said: "You don't need to be a tech person, you don't need to have a maths or physics or computer science background, you just need to be valuable and adaptable."
The three other panellists at The Straits Times & SkillsFuture Singapore Future of Work Forum agreed.   (471 words)
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Article masala chat
Tabla  Tabla  (ENTERTAINMENT)  14/02/2020
Suniel dismisses talk about daughter Actor Suniel Shetty has reacted to talk that his daughter, actress Athiya Shetty, is dating cricketer K.L. Rahul. "I am not having the relationship, and you (media) will have to ask Athiya about it," Suniel said. "If it's true then you (media) come and tell me, and we will talk about it.   (436 words)
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Article New talents set to rock Bollywood
Tabla  Tabla  (ENTERTAINMENT)  03/01/2020
AHAN SHETTY Suniel Shetty's daughter Athiya has already entered Bollywood, and now it is the son's turn. Ahan will make his debut in the Hindi remake of the 2018 Telugu film RX 100. The Milan Luthria directorial is titled Tadap and features Tara Sutaria opposite Ahan. ALAYA F.   (665 words)
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Article OnTVToday
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE TELEVISION)  02/06/2018
Stars Prabhas (left) and Anushka Shetty (far left).
The Hunter's Prayer  
Fox Movies (StarHub TV Channel 622), 9pm

An assassin helps a young woman avenge the death of her family. Stars
Sam Worthington and Odeya Rush.   (114 words)
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Article Opting for apprenticeship, not law degree
By: AMELIA TENG EDUCATION CORRESPONDENT,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  23/07/2018

Despite his success, Mr Shetty said dropping out of university is risky and not for everyone. He was able to take that leap of faith because he knew he had acquired the skills and networks to stay in the tech industry, even if PlusMargin fails.   (793 words)
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