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Asia News Network Students paste handmade posters, reclaim JNU walls
By: HT CORRESPONDENT,   Hindustan Times (India)  Hindustan Times (India)/Asia News Network  23/07/2019
Last week, the administration had removed all the posters pasted on the walls of campus buildings, citing last year's decision by the JNU executive council under the Delhi Defacement of Property Act, 2007.   (366 words)
Article No prawn paste in this assam laksa
By: HEDY KHOO,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE FOOD AND DRINK)  12/08/2018

Trying the bowl with prawn paste, I now find that the prawn paste muddies the flavours of the broth, interfering with the refreshing fragrance of the spices.   (606 words)
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Asia News Network Commitment to quality paves the way for exports of shrimp paste
By: SOMLUCK SRIMALEE THE NATION,   The Nation (Thailand)  The Nation (Thailand)/Asia News Network  (THE NATION)  24/02/2018

He said that the company also was working on a value-added strategy under which it would blend the shrimp paste in products such as soy bean oil, which is popular in Laos and Cambodia. Another line would be shrimp paste for eating with mango.   (812 words)
Asia News Network 1.12 kg gold in paste form recovered at Amritsar airport
By: HT?CORRESPONDENT,   Hindustan Times (India)  Hindustan Times (India)/Asia News Network  28/10/2019
AMRITSAR, Oct. 28 -- Gold weighing 1.1246kg in paste form was seized from a Bihar man by the Air Intelligence Unit at Shri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, here.   (126 words)
Online Kiki Noodles opens pop-up store at Centrepoint; offers mala paste and Sichuan pepper powder as well as noodles
By: NG HUIWEN,   The Straits Times Online  The Straits Times Online  (LIFESTYLE)  03/06/2018

Among the products available at the pop-up store's 205 sq ft space are the KiKi Mala Paste($10.50) and KiKi Sichuan Pepper Powder ($8.50).

Also up for grabs are KiKi noodle packets ($13.70 for five) in four flavours: Aromatic Scallion, Sichuan Pepper, Young Vinegar and Aged Vinegar.   (239 words)
Asia News Network HC Judge's order copy-pasted from ED note: Kapil Sibal to SC in Chidambaram case
By: BHADRA SINHA,   Hindustan Times (India)  Hindustan Times (India)/Asia News Network  23/08/2019
"If courts, now on a note handed over by ED counsel without it being on affidavit are cut-pasted to deny me bail, then how can I even think of getting bail," Sibal told the Supreme Court bench of justices Bhanumati and AS Bopanna.   (516 words)
Online Cheap & Good: Tasty yong tau foo stuffed with handmade fish-and-meat paste at Maxwell Food Centre
By: TAN KENG YAO,   The Straits Times Online  The Straits Times Online  (LIFESTYLE)  18/05/2019

But what makes the items at this stall stand out is that they are stuffed with a fish-and-meat paste that is handmade every morning.

Stall owner Vincent Quik also mixes hand-grated carrots into the paste, so the yong tau foo items displayed on the shelves are speckled with a cheery orange.   (527 words)
Online Modul lengkap peserta seminar dengan pengetahuan membezakan berita benar dengan palsu dilancar
Berita Harian Online  Berita Harian Online  (SETEMPAT)  12/01/2019

Published on 12 January 2019 14:55:48

SEBUAH modul baru yang melengkapi peserta dengan pengetahuan untuk membezakan berita benar dengan palsu dan melenyapkan kepalsuan dalam talian akan diperkenalkan dalam semua Seminar Tindak Balas Terhadap Keganasan bagi badan agama dan masyarakat akan datang.   (271 words)
Online MOM siasat kejadian gondola dengan 4 pekerja berlanggar dengan muka bangunan Republic Plaza di tingkat 58
Berita Harian Online  Berita Harian Online  (SETEMPAT)  15/01/2019

Republic Plaza mempunyai ketinggian 280 meter dengan 66 tingkat dan merupakan antara bangunan tertinggi di Singapura.
  (112 words)
Online Ridhwan kembali dengan kemenangan
Berita Harian Online  Berita Harian Online  (SUKAN)  23/06/2019

Dua pertarungan itu ialah kejuaraan âsuper bantamâ Pertubuhan Tinju Antarabangsa (IBO) menentang Paulus Ambunda dari Namibia pada September lalu dan pertarungan dengan Cris Leon dari Filipina di Manila pada Mac lalu.

âSaya menanti-nantikan pertarungan seterusnya, yang saya harap berlaku dalam sekitar dua bulan lagi,â kata beliau.   (133 words)
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