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Article Lighting up the stage with colours of Cuba
By: OLIVIA HO,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (LIFE ARTS)  10/09/2019
da:ns festival

Ballet took Carlos Acosta from the slums of Havana to superstardom on the stages of the world. But when his company Acosta Danza makes its Singapore debut at the Esplanade's da:ns festival, it will be Cuban influences that shine brightest.   (671 words)
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Picture The Business Times  (WEEKEND ARTS)  19/07/2019
He went on to become a principal dancer for the Royal Ballet of the uK for 17 years, bringing tremendous pride to the communist-run Cuba. in 2016, Acosta started his own dance company Acosta Danza in Havana to support the struggling scene in his city.
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Picture The Straits Times  (WORLD)  13/07/2019
"In so many ways, I hate what he's saying now because we're going to miss him," Mr Trump said, adding that he had told Mr Acosta he did not have to resign. Mr Acosta's deputy Patrick Pizzella will become acting secretary of the Labour Department, Mr Trump said.
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Picture The Straits Times  (LIFE ARTS)  10/09/2019
PHOTOS: GOLDEN VILLAGE PICTURES, TIGER TIGER PICTURES Carlos Acosta makes a rare appearance in the duet Mermaid, as part of his company Acosta Danza's Singapore debut in the Esplanade's da:ns festival.
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Picture The Straits Times  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  18/11/2018
Ms Sanders accused Mr Acosta of "placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern" and of preventing other reporters from asking questions. Videos show Mr Acosta pulling back as the intern moved to take the microphone.
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Picture The New Paper  (NEWS)  09/11/2018
In response, both CNN and journalists who had been at the press conference voiced support for Mr Acosta as the White House Correspondents' Association issued a statement saying it objected to the administration using security credentials as a tool to punish reporters. – AFP A White House intern trying to grab the microphone from CNN's Jim Acosta
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Picture The New Paper  (NEWS)  11/07/2019
Lee, 54, faces a possible life sentence.– AFP (From left) Mr Alexander Acosta and Jeffrey Epstein. PHOTOS: AFP, REUTERS 8 THURSDAY, JULY11,2019
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Picture The Straits Times  (WORLD)  11/07/2019
Mr Acosta has been an "excellent secretary of labour", Mr Trump said, but he stopped short of saying Mr Acosta would remain a part of his Cabinet.
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Picture The Business Times  (PERSPECTIVE)  20/07/2019
Alex Acosta, the labour secretary, had to ditch his job after the world learnt of his unhelpful prosecutorial role in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. "He's a Hispanic man," said Mr Trump, rather unnecessarily, as Mr Acosta stood next to him for the departure announcement.
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Picture The Business Times  (WEEKEND BUZZ!)  11/10/2019
Don’t miss international superstar Carlos Acosta (pictured) performing with his own company of dancers, Acosta Danza, on Oct 11 at the grand Esplanade Theatre. Acosta is one of the best male dancers of all time, often ranking a few notches below Mikhail Baryshnikov and Rudolf Nureyev.
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