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Picture The New Paper  (RACING)  20/01/2020
)RACE 61st 11 Voice Of Reason ($11-$7)2nd 4 Still Tappin ($6)3rd 3 What A Flirt ($9)4th 9 Northwest Passage Forecast $12 Place Forecast (4-11) $5, (3-11) $5, (3-4) $6Tierce $42 Trio $12Quartet No winner ($166 carried forward)Scratching: 10 The SummonsRACE 71st 9 Capetown Affair ($105-$31)2nd 2 Waqaas ($7)3rd 13 Revelation ($29)4th 3 Chipofftheoldblok
Page: 17

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Picture The Straits Times  (WORLD)  15/09/2018
But after the passage of strict racial quotas in the 1920s, the foreign-born population fell sharply for decades in the middle of the 20th century. By 1970, the population was below 5 per cent.
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Picture The Straits Times  (SPORT)  13/10/2019
Centre Bundee Aki became the seventh player to be shown a red card at the tournament when he went for a high tackle on Samoa fly- half Ulupano Seuteni in the 29th minute when Ireland were 21-5 up.
Page: A23

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Picture The Straits Times  (IN)  15/06/2020
Ends with a “th” sound? _________________________________________________________3. Starts with a “th” sound? _________________________________________________________4. Is a three-syllable word that is stressed on the first syllable? _________________________________________________________5.
Page: 12-13

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Asia News Network Chhattisgarh to do away with mandatory educational qualification for Panchayat polls
By: RITESH MISHRA,   Hindustan Times (India)  Hindustan Times (India)/Asia News Network  23/11/2019
The amendments were cleared by the cabinet on Saturday and will now be placed before the Assembly for passage. Presently, contestants are required to have passed 5th standard for the post of Panch and 8th standard for the posts above it.   (203 words)
Asia News Network India vs New Zealand, semi-final World Cup 2019 Live streaming: When and Where to Watch Live Telecast on TV and Online
By: HT CORRESPONDENT,   Hindustan Times (India)  Hindustan Times (India)/Asia News Network  08/07/2019
Team India qualified as the top team in the points table with 7 wins while New Zealand secured their passage to the semi-finals by virtue of finishing 4th with 5 wins. Both teams would be desperate to iron out all their issues ahead of the crucial match in Manchester.   (301 words)
FEATURE Citta Bella 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st image<200dpi 04-Feature Vaccinations.indd 4604-Feature Vaccinations.indd 46 3/12/18 5:27 PM3/12/18 5:27 PM 48 young parents
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Picture The Straits Times  (BIG PICTURE)  09/02/2019
High 34 deg C Low 24 deg C 24-hr PSI as of 5pm yesterday: 26 to 66 (Moderate)
Page: A32

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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  07/12/2019
Ca tch th e TURN THE PAGE TO FIND OUT MORE PROPERTY LISTINGS IN DISTRICTS 4 AND 5CLASS 402 D04ELEVATED LIVING STARTS HEREHouse for saleSERENE SCENEPrivate apartment for saleCLASS 413 D04We coloured coded our two most popular sections so it’s easier to find what you needPropertyVehicle SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7 , 2019
Page: C11

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Article Dealing with neighbourly friction
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (IN)  15/06/2020
Words to take note of in the reading aloud passage: Which word(s)…. 1. Contains a long vowel sound? ________________________________________ 2. Ends with a "th" sound? ________________________________________ 3. Starts with a "th" sound? __________________________________________ 4. Is a three-syllable word that is stressed on the first syllable?   (1341 words)
Page: 12

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