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ISEAS01  26/12/2019
A new paradigm, called sharia economy, arose and has since become the dominant feature of Islamic economy. MUI developed and proposed sharia economy, which meant the consequential implementation of fiqh al-mu’amalah for the economy.
Issue No: #108 2019
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ST  (OPINION)  13/10/2018
Small open economies have not been spared: Equity markets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and elsewhere have been hit hard. But it is not clear that small economies are more exposed to these risks than larger economies.
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ISEAS01  23/10/2019
SOUTHEAST ASIAN DIVERGENCE While China is an increasingly important export market and trading partner for all ten Southeast Asian economies, the composition of this growing China trade is distinctly different for the region’s six wealthier, more globally integrated economies and the poorer, emerging economies of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.
Issue No: #88 2019
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ST  (OPINION)  29/06/2019
This is not to underplay the significance of the structural changes in the global economy: Small economies such as Singapore do best in a well-functioning global system, and small economy GDP growth will be lower in this new world. But small advanced economies are not just passive recipients of the state of the global economy.
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ST  (OPINION)  11/02/2020
into the global economy.
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BT  (VIEWS FROM THE TOP)  04/11/2019
Innov-ative ideas from visionaries executed by a skilled and dy-namic workforce will drive the economy forward, particu-larly for economies with little natural resources.RHT Fintech sees the future economy to be tech-fo-cused, which calls for strong regulatory compliance.
Page: 13
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ST  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  03/07/2018
ECONOMY CLASS Flying premium How premium economy matches up against economy class on SIA �ights Singapore Airlines and more than 10 foreign carriers currently offer premium economy seats on some of their Singapore �ights.
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BT  (VIEWS FROM THE TOP)  10/09/2018
Financial institutions have an important role to play in assisting the global economy transition to a low carbon economy.
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BT  (VIEWS FROM THE TOP)  04/11/2019
governance are all hallmarks of a highly competitive economy.
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ST  (WORLD)  29/01/2019
When the global economy last faltered in 2007-2008, Australia's economy was buffered by a mining boom fuelled by Chinese demand.
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