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ZB  (早报头版)  12/02/2020
黄俊贤 报道
Page: 1
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NP  (NEWS)  12/02/2020
tracing and isolation of close contacts would be done.
Page: 2
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ST  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  10/02/2020
tracing on confirmed coronavirus patients.
Page: A8
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ST  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  09/02/2020
more details of interaction.IdenticationDecision made as to whether a person is a close contact and hence at risk of getting an infection.The team also checks if the close contact is well or not.The person has to be quarantinedfor 14 daysfrom last contactwith patient.The person has to be treated as suspect case and hospitalised.How contact tracing
Page: A10
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WB  (晚报新闻)  11/02/2020
病毒 肺炎新 型 冠 状 病 毒 疫 情 追 踪 1月底从武汉回新2岁女童确诊新闻
Page: 3
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NP  (NEWS)  10/02/2020
out contact tracing on confirmed coronavirus patients.
Page: 2-3
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ZB  (新加坡)  10/02/2020
N 本地第N起确诊病例新冠病毒疫情 本地三感染群 女男早报图表/陈聪明资料来源/卫生部3951岁本地公民3638岁本地公民38岁韩国韩国第17起36岁韩国韩国第19起27岁本地公民 3042岁马国公民首例马国第10起妹妹 岳母40岁马国公民马国第13起首起境内感染45岁左右英国65岁马国公民马国第17起君悦酒店109名来自Servomex的职员在1月中参加会议94人来自外国15名新加坡人1月19日从武汉抵新856岁武汉 956岁武汉夫妻31 53岁本地公民33 39岁本地公民新加坡基督生命堂38
Page: 7
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ST  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  24/01/2020
A6 TOPOFTHENEWS | THE STRAITS TIMES | FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2020 |Timothy Goh The Ministry of Health has begun contact tracing following the con-firmation of Singapore’s first case of the Wuhan virus infection yes-terday evening.The patient, a 66-year-old male Chinese national from Wuhan, ar-rived in Singapore on Monday in a group with nine others.While
Page: A6
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ST  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  15/02/2020
tracing and ring-fencing could make a difference.
Page: A14
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NP  (NEWS)  11/02/2020
tracing for the con-firmed cases is ongoing.The ministry has identified 1,026 close contacts so far.
Page: 2-3
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