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WB  (活出健康)  09/12/2018
晨起脚跟痛 男人重压下 为何精力不济? 告别 收集5期系列剪报 可换取神秘礼物 2盒$99 维护足部健康 德国Bauerfeind 订制鞋垫 8大补肾佳品 助男性强健体魄 WB LIFESTYLE 晚报副刊 P132018年12月9日 星期日 活出健康   来自德国的Bauerfeind有以 下产品,能帮助足底筋膜炎者维 护足部健康,包括:粘弹性脚跟 垫和矫形器,在临床研究中已成 功证实,这些产品可在有效减轻 足跟处疼痛。   该品牌鞋垫,足跟垫提供的 是一种智能系统,它结合不同软 硬度的材料,提供最快和最好的 疼痛减轻法,稳定及支持下榻的 足弓。   
Page: 13
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WB  (晚报新闻)  22/07/2018
礼券 R$50送送 9228 8736 WhatsApp有新闻打晚报热线 WB NEWS 晚报新闻 P32018年7月22日 星期日   (上海讯)台风"安比"来势汹 汹,预计今天午后直扑上海,料将带来 狂风暴雨,对当地的海陆空交通造成极 大影响。目前,上海已完成了超过19 万人的撤离及安置工作。   根据上海机场集团官方微博"航旅 直通车"称,截至今天上午8时,预计 今天浦东国际机场取消350架次航班, 而虹桥国际机场料取消170架次航班。   除了航空交通受到影响,申通地铁 集团今天发布通告,如台风风力达到八 级以上,上海地铁2号线东延伸段,16 号线全线将暂停运营,6号线将进行缩 线运营。
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ST  (LIFE FEATURES)  29/03/2020
Mrs Foong, 35, says she and her husband started Naph School because they wanted the children to have a similar structure to their days.“The more formally you treat it, the more the children will see how serious you are,” says Mrs Foong.
Page: C8-C9
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ST  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  22/07/2018
''MS IVFEN FOONG, on how she and her siblings are the same as others, other than the fact that they were conceived via IVF. Introducing herself often elicits surprised or confused looks, but Ms Ivfen – pronounced "Ive-fern" – Foong is now used to it. "It's a very good icebreaker.
Page: A4
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SM  (分类/新闻)  06/04/2019
农历己亥年三月初二Saturday星期六06.04.201918 分类/新闻 . SM 06-SHI-018 Tim e 6:19:42 PM D ate 05/04/2019 F�������� �� ��� ���� ���� �������������� �!!�� "#$�%&'&&��'( F�������� �� ��������� ����� ���� � � F�������� �� ������ �������������� F�������� ��� ���������� ����������� !" F��������
Page: 18
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ST  (SPORT)  19/11/2018
Wife: Alice Boey Mee Yong Sons: Daughter-in-law: Kelvin Foong Weng Chiong Sandra Choy Melvyn Foong Weng Tye David Foong Weng Wye Grandchildren: Andrea Foong
Page: C6
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ST  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  07/07/2019
Prof Foong said: "It's hard for Singapore to do without UAS. We would be left behind as a smart nation if we limit the growth and application of the technology."
Page: A8
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NP  (NEWS)  07/11/2018
Page: 17
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ST  (LIFE FEATURES)  27/01/2019
She and her husband, Mr Elvin Foong, 36, are co-founders of The Treasure Box SG, an online site that sells Christianity-based products and services targeted at families. More complicated uses of money are challenging to explain.
Page: C7
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ST  (HOME)  18/08/2018
Foong Si Min faces 17 cheating charges in connection with listings for the tickets on Carousell. After allegedly making buyers pay via bank transfers, Foong could not be contacted and the buyers did not receive their tickets. At least 16 police reports were made between July and August this year.
Page: B4
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