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ST  (SPORT)  02/12/2019
Hoang Anh Minh and Nguyen Troung Xuan.Less than an hour later, the Na-tional University of Singapore un-dergraduates pocketed another bronze in the standard Viennese waltz behind the hosts’ Sean Mis-cha Aranar and Ana Leonila Manalo Nualla and Vietnamese Nguyen Duc Hoa and Nguyen Thi Hai Yen.Minutes later, they were back on the dance floor
Page: C8
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ST  (WORLD)  14/09/2019
Krishnan Huynh Thi Yen Oanh Ianina Dubenchuk Jesslyn Eveline Kyaw Thet Paing Lan Junhui Liao Guohao Mohd Manal Ansari Muhammad Rizky Fadlilah Sangadji Napassorn Chaisrisurapun Natvalan Sim Xu Jie Nguyen Anh Dung Nguyen Thi Mai Huong Nguyen Thi Thuy Duyen Paphada Aeksubsin Parekh Meet Nilesh Pattarawut Imamnuaysup Phan Ngoc Trang Phatchara Kaewmook Poe
Page: A27
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ISEAS01  22/10/2019
Điều tra vụ giết người liên quan đến hoạt động ‘tín dụng đen’ [Investigation of a Murder Related to ‘Black Credit’ Activity]. BNews. 10/11/2018., Tuoi Tre News. Vietnam Girl Miscarries After Being Held Hostage, Tortured Over $68 Debt.
Issue No: #87 2019
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NP  (NEWS)  21/09/2018
Countryman Tran Anh Vu, 23, came to Singapore with his 22-year-old wife. She will go shopping and buy him food while he stays in line to buy two iPhone XS Max for them. He said: "This is our second time queuing for the iPhone. It is tiring, but my wife will come over with food and supplies."
Page: 22
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ISEAS01  22/02/2019
In an effort to rein in the government, Trong has exposed corruption cases involving some high-ranking officials in the Ministry of Public Security, especially Phan Van Anh Vu, Tran Viet Tan and Bui Van Thanh.12 Additionally, others have argued that Vietnam's dualistic governance system saddles the bureaucracy with an overly large, inefficient
Issue No: #09 2019
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