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BT  (WEEKEND FEATURE)  16/08/2019
After all, Milky Way began as a humble dairy bar, and continues the tradition till today. 2nd floor, MilkyWay Building, 900 Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road), Corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, 1200 Philippines, +63 2 843 4124 08 antonio's Also owned by Chef Tonyboy Escalante's group, this fine dining jewel sits in a black and white house in
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NP  (NEWS)  17/08/2018
While Ms Flores' family told Mr Bordoy that they would understand if he wanted to walk away from their relationship, Mr Bordoy decided that he was staying put. And he proposed to Ms Flores soon after. Before taking her vows, Ms Flores set her mind on one thing – to walk down the aisle.
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ST  (LIFE)  31/07/2019
Dr Flores suggests that his academic background may have given him a better understanding of the long arc of art history. "Maybe art history has sharpened my attentiveness to objects," he adds. "I belong to the generation where we curated out of art history.
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BH  (GAYA HIDUP)  30/09/2019
Awalnya, Labuan Bajo merupakan pemukiman Suku Bajo, namun sekarang mereka hidup berdampingan den- gan warga asli Flores. Kaum Bajo merupakan suku yang berasal dari Su- lawesi yang bermukim di pesisir barat Flores, Nusa Teng- gara Timur. Kami menginap di hotel Ayana yang terletak di persi- sir Laut Flores.
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BH  (GAYA HIDUP)  10/02/2020
Orang Portugis pertama kali tiba di Flores pada awal tahun 1500-an, mem-beri pulau itu namanya, yang bermak-sud ‘flowers’ atau bunga dalam bahasa Portugis.
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NP  (LIFESTYLE)  26/02/2019
For country" is the slogan of the Kagandahang Flores (Flores Beauty) studio he set up in 1996, the first of a handful of Philippine beauty boot camps that have helped transform the nation's pageant fortunes.
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ST  (LIFE PEOPLE)  20/08/2018
Amanda Flores, who lost all four limbs from an illness, said she would get married only if she could make her own way to the altar people NEW YORK • It was April 2013 when Mr Frank Bordoy first spotted Ms Amanda Flores at Clyde's, a bar and restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia.
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It may or may not be productive. It can be very subtle or even tangential. But I think these are all political dispositions at work. You've unveiled four artist names so far: Arnont Nongyao from Thailand, Dennis Tan from Singapore/Japan, Zai Tang from Singapore/ United Kingdom, and Vandy Rattana from Cambodia.
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ST  (WORLD)  29/10/2018
Mr Heru Purnomo, who founded Pulau Mas two decades ago and is now its chief executive, worries he may need to close this weigh station, bobbing close to Komodo National Park, and send its two workers to the company's 57 other cages dotted across 10 eastern provinces from East Kalimantan to East Flores and Papua."
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NP  (NEWS)  02/04/2019
"I may not recall these moments the same way, and I may be surprised at what I hear. But we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences, and men should pay attention. And I will."
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