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ST  (WORLD)  28/12/2019
Ms Escudero was starting her holiday break and getting ready to celebrate her “delicious pinch” of good luck, she said. It is unclear if Ms Escudero is still an employee at RTVE.
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ST  (LIFE MUSIC)  08/11/2018
PHOTO: EPA-EFE Greg Gonzalez and the rest of Cigarettes After Sex will perform at music and arts festival Neon Lights on Saturday.
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ISEAS01  11/04/2019
6677 Table 1: 12 Senators Facing Re-election or Term Limits Name 2013 Party Coalition 2019 Election Grace Poe Team PNoy Seeking re-election as Independent Loren Legarda Team PNoy Cannot run for Senate due to term limits, running for House of Representatives Alan Peter Cayetano Team PNoy Running for House of Representatives Francis Escudero
Issue No: #27 2019
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ST  (SPORT)  08/12/2019
But, Gonzalez said, if your sched-ule or preferences prevent you from exercising in the morning or on an empty stomach, do not sweat it.“Any physical activity,” he said, whenever you can fit it in, “is better than none.”
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NP  (NEWS)  09/11/2018
"Even though it is from another mum, I think breast milk still contains the best nutrients for the child," said Madam Gonzalez, an analyst in logistics operation.
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ST  (HOME)  04/11/2019
But Ms Gonzalez added that her biggest concern remains the fragmentation that could even lead to increased risks of geopolitical tensions.
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NP  (NEWS)  14/05/2019
According to Mr Bastien Gonzalez, podiatrist to the stars and founder of the Bastien Gonzalez Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio at The St. Regis Singapore, "high heels tighten and shorten your Achilles, which can lead to ankle and knee problems".
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ST  (OPINION)  29/07/2019
"Education needs to expose (children) to help them find out what are the best ways they learn," said Mr Gonzalez. He also sees the need for people to learn how to work together, a crucial skill for the future. Mr Gonzalez sees a lot of competition among students in universities here.
Page: A15
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ST  (SPORT)  16/03/2020
Photographers and camera crews met the team at the airport in Malaga, where Jose Gonzalez, a Spaniard hired to coach Wuhan in January, held a news conference at-tempting to assuage concerns.He could sense trouble was brew-ing.
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ST  (HOME)  09/11/2018
ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN Madam Aileen Gonzalez with her baby, Taliyah Foo, who benefited from the donated milk. Most recipients were premature babies.
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