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ST  (RACING)  15/09/2018
18.6% 15 9970 Jewel Of Denm 55.0 [3] B Palise 6.7% A Smith 8.9% 16 0056 My Naughty Blo 55.0 [17] -- Vallentin 9.5% 17 7609 Rupee 55.0 [2] -- Vallentin 9.5% Race 14 04:40PM (A$11,300) CARN--1200m 1 4392 Gershom 61.0 [11] J Gray-3.0 22.8% D Black 16.4% 2 6531 Activate Me 58.0 [1] B Palise-2.0 6.7% A Smith 8.9% 3 7132 Dam Lucky 57.5 [7] P Edwards 9.5% G Cortes
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BT  (WEEKEND FEATURE)  10/01/2020
10 11FEATUREFEATURE16423Opulent villas and trendy boutique hotels with mouth-watering views dot hillsides overlooking the sea, while gastronomes will enjoy sampling the chef-driven, seafood-centric restaurants on offer.CHIAPAS, MEXICOSan Cristóbal de Las Casas, a highland town and former colonial outpost in the southern Mexico state of Chiapas, is the
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BT  (REAL ESTATE)  28/12/2018
The apartments Ms Lee shows at Corte are barely framed out and will not be habitable till October. They range from US$560,000 studios to penthouses selling for nearly US$3 million. Since the Amazon news, Corte has raised prices about US$30,000 per apartment; more increases are planned.
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BT  (WEEKEND FEATURE)  18/01/2019
92019 Feature8 Feature 18 - 20 january jan Ethiopia "Ethiopia will be the next Peru," says Jose Cortes, co-founder of luxury tour operator A2A Safaris (, which specialises in African safaris and countries throughout Latin America.
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ST  (LIFE MOVIES)  23/08/2018
This is not Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes' first try at psychological horror. His Buried (2010) is a masterpiece of escape-room terror – a military contractor played by Ryan Reynolds wakes up in a coffin underground and has to find a way out.
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ST  (LIFE TRAVEL)  09/02/2020
Cycling in the flatter terrain of the Netherlands or kayaking in or beyond Halong Bay in Vietnam are other possibilities.The world offers singles myriad destinations for perspective and wellness journeys that restoreand soothe fragile emotions PHOTOS: ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY, BORNEO EAGLE RESORT, JOSE CORTES III, KLOOKTravelLove against the odds
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WB  (健康生活)  20/12/2019
特辑 152019年12月20日 星期五生活健康健康庆圣诞文/黄丽容图/商家提供  还有五天就是圣诞节了,礼物都买齐了吗?与其每年都送些“传统”圣诞礼物,今年何不来个突破,在这个温馨浪漫的节日送上最能显示真心诚意的礼物——余仁生产品吧!  拥有140年历史的余仁生产品多样化,燕窝、鸡精、花旗参、冬虫夏草、养生花茶、养生饼干等都是有益健康的滋补食品,而且以质量好著称。配合佳节推出的礼篮礼盒包装精美,送礼实用又大方,难怪大家都说“送礼送余仁生”。  以下余仁生产品都是理想的圣诞礼物:★欢乐圣诞礼篮      内有一个不锈钢保温壶(500毫升,灰色/粉红色)、一瓶Corte Viola Moscato
Page: 15
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BT  (WEEKEND FEATURE)  18/01/2019
"In terms of core destinations like Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa, this is where we are seeing lots more active safaris like multi-day walking, fly camping, multi-day horseback rides," says Jose Cortes of A2A Safaris.
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WB  (健康生活)  29/11/2019
特辑 132019年11月29日 星期五生活健康茶系列(精选)  有野生花旗参茶、特选茉莉花茶、特选乌龙茶、特选普洱茶、沱茶普洱糯米香、沱茶普洱生茶和沱茶普洱熟茶,原价$15.90-$86,节省20%。健康好礼圣诞表心意  每到年底,大人小孩 的 心 情 都 会 变 得 轻松,孩子放假了,家长的生活步调也可以稍微放缓,大家都以美好的心情迎接圣诞佳节和新的一年。  圣诞节是关怀与分享 的 节 日 , 许 多 人
Page: 13
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BT  (OPINION)  19/09/2019
Prosperity was rising in the de- veloped world and the middle class was growing. After 40 years of Cold War, relations between the So- viet Union and the West were beginning to thaw. China was emerging as an economic force, and the world was on the brink of the Internet age.
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