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TABL  (EDUCATION)  25/01/2019
KARTHIK AARUSH, Grade 1A To understand the concept of money, all the students of grade 1 went on a little adventurous outing and explored a convenience store. We were all given a chance to spend $2 the way we wanted. We cruised the store and checked the price tags.
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TABL  (NEWS)  12/07/2019
å Ms Indranee Rajah is Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Finance and Education Building our Singapore together Doing our bit to save the environment KARTHIK AARUSH, Grade 2A The World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment
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TABL  (SINGAPORE)  27/03/2020
.”➥ Mrs Anindita Ghosh, her husband Mr Prashant Agarwal and son Aarush thanking healthcare providers and emergency responders last Sunday . PHOTO: ANINDITA GHOSH“I used to play football at least twice a week and go pubbing with my friends on Fridays. All that has stopped... I exercise at home and sleep early.
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BT  (COMPANIES & MARKETS)  08/04/2019
Based in Singapore, Mr Arora runs a global team of more than 2,000 people which in cludes 800 working in Asean and South Asia.
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ST  (INVEST)  01/12/2019
have been made through his new business venture Syfe, which he set up to help individuals invest in cus-tomised portfolios that are built around their risk profiles.Mr Arora, 34, was born and raised in Mumbai, and spent close to 10 years in Hong Kong working for Swiss bank UBS.While working in banking, his friends and family would ask
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22 NOSTALGIA 10 - 12 AUGUST T A Y S U A N C H I A N G PERANAKAN FASCINATION Captivated by the old world charm of Singapore's heritage, a photographer puts the images on everyday items VALLEY ARORA MOVED from New Delhi to Singapore in 2008, when her husband was posted here for a job.
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NP  (NEWS)  04/09/2019
The victim, Mr Arora Neil Kant, 49, a permanent resident, was there with his friends, and his group left the club at around the same time. The prosecution told the court that both groups were at the taxi stand when Mr Arora heard Pettijohn making racist remarks, and he then chided the American. A dispute ensued.
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Said Shanaya's father Sachin Arora: "My daughter Shanaya is a huge fan of Kullfi. Whenever Kullfi sings on screen, she sings along with her. "This show has brought me closer to my daughter and I am very grateful to Aakriti and Mohit Malik for this."
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BH  04/09/2019
Jurulatih teknologi pendidikan William Samuel Pettijohn, 31 tahun, menumbuk warga Inggeris Arora Neil Kant sekali sahaja. Tetapi pukulan itu menyebabkan tulang muka Encik Arora retak, termasuk rongga mata kirinya.
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ST  (WORLD)  04/02/2019
Responding to renewed calls to return to a paper ballot system, chief election commissioner Sunil Arora ruled it out, and reiterated that the ECI will not be "intimidated or bullied or pressurised or coerced" into giving up the use of electronic voting machines.
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