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NP  (FULL PAGE ADS)  03/04/2020
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NP  (FULL PAGE ADS)  03/04/2020
FOLLOW 9773 1212 as Gain City andWhatsapp Your “Name” And “Subscribe”MAIN SHOWROOMS:Air-Conditioners,Home Appliances,Audio-visual,IT & Digital Gadgets•8AngMo Kio Industrial Park 2 T:6544 1212•Marina Square #03-223/232 T:6226
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NP  (NEWS FRONT PAGE)  03/04/2020
Residents in Housing Board flats no longer have to fear using their fingers to press lift buttons in the current climate. Over the past two weeks, teams from Singapore’s 16 town councils have been spraying lift buttons with sdst, a self-disinfecting coating that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi upon
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NP  (NEWS)  03/04/2020
news coronavirus outbreakAt least 10 caught virus from those without symptoms: Study8 New imported cases 41 New local cases 1,049Total cases 21 Discharged yesterday 266 Totaldischarged 4 Deaths 464 Total in hospital23 In intensive care unitBy the numbersTIMOTHY GOHAt least 10 people in Singapore got the
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NP  (FULL PAGE ADS)  03/04/2020
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NP  (NEWS)  03/04/2020
news coronavirus outbreakLESTER WONG Residents in Housing Board flats who have been using their keys or other objects to prod lift but-tons during the coronavirus out-break can now put their minds at ease, as a self-disinfecting coat-ing that lasts for three months has been applied to buttons in all HDB
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NP  (FULL PAGE ADS)  03/04/2020
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NP  (NEWS)  03/04/2020
news coronavirus outbreakNUR HIDAYA JAMALTo meet the rising demand for online gro-cery orders, RedMart will not be accept-ing new orders today so that it can fine-tune its operations and implement new measures.These include reducing its range of products temporarily and prioritising the sale of
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NP  (FULL PAGE ADS)  03/04/2020
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NP  (NEWS)  03/04/2020
news coronavirus outbreakKUALA LUMPUR The number of coronavirus cases in Malaysia is expected to peak later this month and there are signs of a flattening of the infection curve, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said yesterday, as curbs on travel and movement help curtail the spread.Malaysia
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