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Picture The Straits Times  (FEATURES LIFE)  26/03/2017
Sunday, March 26, 2017 | The Sunday Times Life | C5 Jared Goyette WASHINGTON • My father and I have always been close, but he has never been a person I turned to for dating advice. He was never one to talk much about emotions. That was always my mum's gig. But I could tell the end of my marriage in
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Article 投资5600万元 日邮船物流现有货仓 引入自动化仓库科技
By: 韩宝镇,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (财经头版)  21/09/2017
韩宝镇 报道   日本邮船物流新加坡公司(Yusen Logistics(Singapore))在我国投资5600万元,在现有货仓引入自动化仓库(AutoStore)科技,以及建造采纳尖端科技的新一代货仓。
  该公司所引入的Swisslog自动化仓库与选单系统,不仅能在现有建筑内把储藏空间从2000平方公尺扩大至3500平方公尺,也可将订单履行率(fulfillment   (77 words)
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Picture Lianhe Zaobao  (财经头版)  21/09/2017
新加坡报业控股有限公司出版与承印  Co Regn No.198402868E 发行部读者服务电话:6388-3838  属于发行销量审计局成员 30 2017年9月21日 星期四 大股东与腾望资本组财团献议全面收购 傅长春储运计划除牌 周文龙 报道     由 新 加 坡 政 府 投 资 公 司 (GIC)支持的投资基金,以近 60亿元完成收购美国豪华住宅 发展商Monogram。   Monogram拥有,经营及发 展美国佛罗里达州南部,德克 萨斯州和弗吉尼亚州沿海地区 和城市的豪华公寓项目。   截至今年6月底,Monogram
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Article A life by the numbers is not worth living
By: IGNATIUS LOW,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (FEATURES LIFE)  26/03/2017
In our brave new world ruled by data science, quality counts as much as quantity Sometimes, it seems like big data and data science will save the world. At least, that is what the headlines seem to suggest. Just Google the terms and see for yourself. A story in Forbes titled How Big Data And   (1639 words)
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