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Newslink Content
  • What is Newslink?
  • Newslink is an online newspaper archival service which offers archived news articles, photographs, infographics and PDF copies of the newspapers from 18 unique newspapers published by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).
  • What are the newspapers currently archived in Newslink?
  • The newspapers archived in Newslink are The Straits Times (Including Digital Life, Mind Your Body, Urban, Little Red Dot and IN), The Sunday Times, The Business Times, The Business Times Weekend, The New Paper, The New Paper on Sunday, Tabla, Tamil Murasu, Berita Harian (including Gen G/I-Cube), Berita Minggu (Malay), Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Zaobao Sunday, My Paper (Chinese and English), Shin Min Daily News, Lianhe Wanbao, Friday Weekly (Chinese), Thumbs Up (Chinese), Thumbs Up Junior (Chinese) & STEP.
  • How far back is the coverage of Newslink?
  • The English archive goes back to July 1989 while the Chinese archive starts from January 1994. The following 18 newspaper titles and archived period include :-

    Publications/Archived Period

    English Publications:-

    Straits Times (including IN, Little Red Dot, Digital Life, Urban, Mind Your Body) 1989
    The Sunday Times 1989
    The Business Times 1990
    The Business Times Weekend 1990
    The New Paper 1990
    The New Paper on Sunday 1990
    Tabla 2008
    ThinkChina Online 2019

    Malay Publication:-

    Berita Harian (including Gen G and I-Cube)1991
    Berita Minggu 1991

    Chinese Publications:-

    Lianhe Zaobao (including Zaobao Comma) 1994
    Lianhe Zaobao Sunday 1994
    MyPaper (Chinese & English) 2006
    Lianhe Wanbao 1994
    Shin Min 1994
    Friday Weekly 1998
    Thumbs Up 2008


    Straits Times Jan 2007
    Asia Report (Straits Times) Mar/Apr 2015
    Business Times Aug 2007
    The SME Magazine (Business Times) May/Jun 2012
    The New Paper May 2015
    Tabla Dec 2015
    Tamil Murasu Dec 2011
    MyPaper (English) Dec 2015
    MyPaper (Chinese) Nov 2015
    Lianhe Zaobao Jan 2010
    ZbBz (Lianhe Zaobao) Oct 2009 - Dec 2017
    Lianhe Wanbao Nov 2015
    Shin Min Nov 2015
    Berita Harian Dec 2015
    Berita Harian's Gen G/I-Cube Jan 2010
    Thumbs Up Junior 2012
    Thumbs Up Apr 2011
    Straits Times Education Programme March 2011

    Research Institutes

    Content from Research Institutes below are now available :-
    RSIS (Rajaratnam School of Int'l Studies) Nov'2013
    ISEAS (Yusof Ishak Institute) July'2012
    ISAS (Institute of South Asian Studies) 2012

    External Publications

    Asian News Network (ANN) daily bulletin of articles from member newspapers include :-
    Borneo Bulletin (Brunei) Sep'2011
    China Daily (China) Sep'2011
    Dawn (Pakistan) Sep'2011
    Eleven Media Group (Myanmar) Sep'2011
    GoGo (Mongolia) Sep'2011
    Kuensel (Bhutan) Sep'2011
    Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines) Sep'2011
    Rasmei Kampuchea Daily (Cambodia) Sep'2011
    Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) Sep'2011
    The China Post (Taiwan) Sep'2011
    The Daily Star (Bangladesh) Sep'2011
    The Island (Sri Lanka) Sep'2011
    The Jakarta Post (Indonesia) Sep'2011
    The Japan News (Japan) Sep'2011
    The Kathmandu Post (Nepal) Sep'2011
    The Korea Herald (South Korea) Sep'2011
    The Nation (full content from Thailand) Sep'2011
    The Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia) Sep'2011
    The Star (Malaysia) Sep'2011
    The Statesman (India) Sep'2011
    Vientiane Times (Laos) Sep'2011
    Vietnam News (Vietnam) Sep'2011

    External Publications (Full Content) :-
    Hindustan Times (India) Dec'2018
    The Korea Times (Korea) Jan'2019

    SPH Magazines

    Content from SPH Magazines below are now available :-
    Female Brides
    Game Axis
    Golf Digest
    Her World
    Her World Brides
    Her World Brides Luxe
    Home & D├ęcor
    Harper's BAZAAR
    Men's Health
    Simply Her
    Singapore Women's Weekly
    The Peak
    The Peak Selections Gourmet & Travel
    The Peak Selections Timepieces
    The Finder
    Young Parents
    Young Parents Pre-school Guide
    Icon Moments
    Icon Weddings
    Nuyou Fashion Notebook
    Nuyou Time

  • What archived news is available for search in Newslink?
  • All news stories and information (majority of our newspaper content) written by SPH journalists and published in the abovementioned newspapers EXCEPT stories from news agencies such as Reuters, AP, AFP etc. Photographs, infographics and PDF copies of the newspapers are also available.
  • What types of information are unavailable in Newslink?
  • Classified advertisements, television listings, cinema movie session schedules, company announcements, Tenders & Notices, Obituaries and special marketing supplements are not archived in Newslink.
  • Does Newslink archive the Classified, Appointments & Notices section from The Straits Times?
  • Yes, but the archive is available to only accredited advertising agencies. Readers can download The Straits Times Classified Mobile App to access backdated issues up to seven days. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • When is the content of Newslink updated?
  • News stories from the respective dailies are archived and updated on the next working day after publication, except for weekends (Saturday, Sunday & Monday issues will appear on Tuesday) or unless otherwise stated in Database Coverage.

  • How can I access Newslink?
  • You need to be a subscriber of Newslink in order to search and view the full text document.

    New customers can register online, mail or fax (65 63198185) a completed Registration Form together with payment to:

    Newslink Subscription,
    Singapore Press Holdings Ltd,
    Digital Division,
    1000 Toa Payoh North,
    Singapore 318994.
  • When do I hear from you after I have registered?
  • Generally, it takes 3 working days to process and approve your subscription. We will notify you by email after your account has been successfully activated.
  • How would I be informed about the status of my application?
  • If you register online, you will get an automated email reply acknowledging receipt of your application. If you register by post, you will receive an email from us on receipt of your application form and after your account is successfully activated.
  • How can I receive my Newslink Login details?
  • The Newslink User ID and password will be delivered to you via the email stated in your application form.

Subscription Plan and Charges
  • What is the subscription plan for Newslink?
  • The plan is subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST)* as follows:

    Type of Plan
    Subscription Fee† Per Year *S$900
    Article retrieval fee: *S$3.00

    Premium Plan (to access PDF versions)
    Subscription Fee† Per Year *S$1,200
    Article retrieval fee: *S$3.00
    Full Page PDF retrieval fee: *S$5.00

    * Subject to changes specified by SPH
    † Payable in advance yearly
  • When will I be charged for retrieving an article?
  • Searching and browsing of headlines and first paragraphs in Newslink are free of charge. You will be only be charged an Article Retrieval fee of S$3 (subject to GST) for each full-text article retrieved, which you can view, print and save (limited to 1 copy) to your computer for reference. Please note that the S$3 fee is on top of the basic subscription charge of $900.

    For PDF copies, you will be charged Full Page PDF retrieval fee of S$5 (subject to GST) for each full page PDF viewed, which you can view, print and save (limited to 1 copy) to your computer for reference. Please note that the S$5 fee is on top of the basic subscription charge of $1,200 for the Premium Plan and S$3 full text article retrieval fee (if applicable).
  • Will I be charged repeatedly if I download the same article more than once in one day?
  • If you download the same article more than once in one day, you will still be charged.
  • Can I check the number of archived articles retrieved?
  • Yes, you can. To enquire about the number of articles retrieved and or the usage charges for a specified month, simply select the Month and Year in the "Billing Counter" (located at the bottom of every Newslink web page) and click on the 'Submit' button. This will show you the total usage incurred for the indicated period.

    For example, if you enquire on the 10th of June 2002, you will get usage charges from the 1st to the 9th of June.

    This function allows you to check the current month's usage i.e. from the 1st of the current month to the previous day and usage for up to the last three months.
  • Are there any other alternatives to accessing the archived news in Newslink besides subscribing to the service?
  • Yes. For one-off usage, you may want to consider the following options to access Newslink:

    Option 1: Librarian Assisted Search

    E-mail or fax your request with your particulars to our Information Resource Centre at 6319 8259.

    The charges are as follow:

    Search fee: S$40 per hour (no pro-rating)
    Print out (per article): S$3.00

    Option 2: One-Off Personal Search

    Call our Information Resource Centre (IRC) at 6319 5508, from 9-6pm, Mon-Fri for an appointment to access Newslink.

    A short briefing/training on how to use Newslink will be conducted before the chargeable session commences.

    Charges are as follow:

    Search fee for the 1st hr: S$15.00
    Subsequent 1/2 hr: S$8.00
    Print out (per article): S$3.00

    Option 3: Online Article Request

    Call the Newslink hotline at 6319 2333 from 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri or use the Contact Us form to send us your search criteria.

    Charges are as follow:

    Search fee : S$21.40 per article
    Payable online by Mastercard or Visa Credit Cards
    Article will be emailed to you.

Newslink Access
Copyright, Reprints and Permission
Newslink Search
  • What if I want to terminate my account?
  • Please give at least 90 days' notice prior to your next expiry date to terminate the service. Your termination notice must be given in writing and should be addressed to:

    Newslink Subscription
    Singapore Press Holdings Ltd
    Digital Division
    1000 Toa Payoh North,
    Singapore 318994